GATE is Terrible Imperialist Propaganda


We’re about at the point of GATE where I stopped reading the manga— the stupid elf girl arc. God I hate her. This show has the most pathetic understanding of human psychology imaginable— her dad is eaten by a dragon, she decides her dad is still alive and he’s actually a foreigner of a different race who speaks a different language, and the only way to convince her her father is dead is to make her kill the dragon herself with a rocket launcher. Ok. For sure, most anime have all this stupid shit about memory loss but none take it to this level. Continue reading GATE is Terrible Imperialist Propaganda

Thoughts on Panties

I was having trouble sleeping, and I was thinking about panties.

Why are anime and manga so obsessed with underwear? In America we don’t have that kind of fascination. (Or at least… not such a public fascination?) Underwear is seen as gross and dirty. It’s just one step removed from poop.

I was reading this book a few months ago, “The Book of Youkai” by Michael Foster. Great book. One of the majors themes of the book is that youkai appear in “in-between” places, like the twilight or early morning, or the bank of a river. One of the quotes I remember most described Hanako-san, the ghost girl who¬†haunts the toilet on the third floor of the school:

…A toilet— with its hole leading to somewhere else— can be thought of as a kind of portal to another world.

It’s kind of the same thing with panties. They’re a portal to another world.

Perhaps that explains part of the fascination.

We see a number of cases where youkai inhabit panties as well— like the chapter of Youkai Shoujo I just read which made me think about this in the first place, or Sora no Otoshimono.

It’s also well known that by placing a pair of panties on one’s head, one can transform into a hero. Again, their key function is retained as a portal to another world.

I feel pretty confident I’m going to wake up tomorrow and feel really dumb for writing this. Oh well.