Narutaru Ch. 27 – 28 — Flying Dolphins

Ch. 27 Summary — Sudou takes Akira and Shiina fishing. Shiina and Akira catch fish and release them. Sudou tells Akira that she enjoys playing with life.

Ch. 28 Summary — Shiina meets Jun, a girl with a dragon child, and they see a dolphin Otohime together. Shiina meets Shouko at the hospital, Jun’s childhood friend, who watches over their mutual friend Kyouji who is in a coma. Shouko declares she wants to have Kyouji’s baby. Jun appears to tell Shouko that she’s a bitch. It turns out Jun was Kyouji, using his dragon child to take form. Kyouji becomes a dragon. Later Shiina takes Shouko to see Jun flying through the sky. (This was a long chapter. Half a volume.)

Toying with Life

In Chapter 27, Sudou tells Akira that she enjoyed playing with the lives of the fish and making them suffer. Therefore she should have fun and make all of humanity suffer. I’m simplifying things slightly but that’s essentially the gist of his argument. Not a very convincing one. But hey, he’s a stupid kid.


Speaking of how he’s a stupid kid, the finishing trip explains a lot about Sudou. He tells Shiina and Akira to read a book, and thinks they can learn everything about fishing from that. He doesn’t even try finishing himself. Shiina, on the other hand, asks the fisherman how to fish, learns how to do it, and makes some new friends. Sudou wants a world in which everyone criticizes and thinks for themselves. Yet is he even one of these people himself? He thinks he knows everything already without having experienced it himself, and thinks that other people have nothing to offer. He lacks desire, and doesn’t explore new things, even limiting himself to a simple meal of rice and pickled vegetables. Yet he thinks he knows everything about the world and is ready to rebuild it from scratch. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 27 – 28 — Flying Dolphins

Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

As always, I did no research whatsoever. Click to view.


This season looks amazing. There’s already a number of shows I know are going to be awesome and even more that have the potential to be so.

  • High School DxD: omg omg can’t wait!
  • Sidonia: also going to be awesome!
  • Fate Stay Night, Grisaia, and Yahari Ore are also getting sequels.  I’m looking forward to Yahari. Fate Stay Night will hopefully be less boring than the last season… Grisaia… will hopefully continue being Grisaia levels of stupid.
  • Denpa Kyoushi is being animated! I enjoy this manga quite a bit. Who knows if it will translate well to anime though. I’m still scarred from what happened to Medaka Box.
  • Shokugeki no Soma is also a good manga, although I’ve fallen way behind on it. Should be entertaining.
  • Nagati Yuko is also getting her own anime! I loved the movie about her, although I wasn’t a big fan of the original Haruhi series. Let’s hope this is more in line with the movie.
  • Hibike Euphonium! should be good, if only because I’m a brass player. Let’s hope they hold their trombones correctly.
  • Also looks like there’s a good selection of other fantasy shows, vampire shows, sci-fi shows, and action shows.

I’ll be shocked if there aren’t shows I haven’t mentioned that turn out great as well. Really looking forward to this next season.