Sword Art Online II 20 — Asuna Experiments with her Sexuality

This is part 37 of my SAO summary / fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.


“Asuna… will you do it? Swordplay… with my guild and I… I really want you….”

“Yuuki… I… I will. But tell me… the man in black… why wouldn’t you take him instead? He is the best person I know at swordplay.”

“He… he saw right through me. He knew that when I played swordplay with him, I was only faking.  But my swordplay with you, Asuna… It was the real thing! That’s why I need you!” Continue reading

Draggle’s Asian Journey Part VI: Miyajima

After Kagoshima, the next stop was Miyajima. This stop in the trip was, I will admit, inspired by my Narutaru fandom. We took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima (it was quite a pleasant and scenic ride!), then took another train for twenty minutes to the town across from Miyajima. Then it was lunchtime!


Yum yum, eel! Apparently it was recently added to some sort of protected species list, and my cousin was telling me we shouldn’t eat it. Oops. Well, it was good. Continue reading