Sword Art Online II 08 — Sinon Claims Kirito’s Sword

This is part 25 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

It was time for the Bullet of Bullets final round. It would all be decided by a 30-way battle royale with random initial placements. Surely the fairest way to determine players’ individual skills.

Kirito and Sinon went to register for the final round together.


“Hey Sinon… I’ve been wondering… Has anyone ever mentioned to you that your pants don’t fit?”

“Wh-what?!! Where have you been looking, Kirito-kun?!”

Sinon took a peek at Kirito’s sword. It was large and firm, as always. Continue reading

Mahouka 20 — International Espionage at the High School Science Fair

Well, this is a huge improvement over the last arc. I greatly prefer right-wing nuttiness to endless tedium and boredom.


  •  Mahouka does have some interesting ideas, like this one of freeing magicians from their fate as weaponized humans.Some thought and development on this could lead to an interesting theme. Sadly the treatment is only superficial. The author’s vision is basically to replace magicians as warriors with magician drone operators.I fail to see how this changes anything of consequence.

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