2012 Year in Review: Characters

A while ago I reviewed the music from the past year, now I’m doing characters, and next I’ll be doing shows.

Worst Female Character


5. Inori Yuzuriha: Guilty Crown
From pop idol to revolutionary to damsel in distress to wolverine to piece of crystal. Because she’s herself.


4. Wakana Sakai: Tari Tari
St. Wakana, as I fondly called her. Lecturing all her friends, acting as if she had attained enlightenment, and treating everyone else like children. So annoying.


3. Neko: K
“Clothes are too restricting! I hate them!”


2. Asuna: Sword Art Online
Tough call between her and Imouto. I think Asuna wins by saying that marriage is meaningful because of shared inventory spaces. And her only use in the second half was to be tentacle raped.


1. Hina Takanashi: Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!
Her older sister was a middle school slut, which was also annoying, but really no competition here. I wanted to strangle this girl every second she appeared on screen.

Worst Male Character


5. Lancer: Fate / Zero
Annoying in combination with Saber when they masturbated together about chivalry.


4. Haruyuki Arita: Accel World
Takes the usual problem with harem leads and brings them to their ultimate conclusion.


3. Kio Asuno: Gundam AGE
“Hey guys… stop fighting! Fighting’s bad! Except when I do it!”


2. Kirito: Sword Art Online
“Let me pierce you with my blade… my DUAL blades!”


1. Ouma Shuu: Guilty Crown
This GIF conveys all my feelings.

Most Moe


5. Kukuri Yukizome: K
Previously normal girls going crazy… irresistible.


4. Mitsuhide Akechi: Oda Nobuna
The combination of the hairstyle, pronounced lower jaw, and the swordsman’s clothing were great.


3. Yuka Hanaki: Natsuiro Kiseki
Too cute… and that laugh…


2. Izumi Akazawa: Another
The only good thing about this show.


1. Karuta Roromiya: Inu x Boku SS

Most Gar


5. Annelotte Kreuz: Queen’s Blade Rebellion
So gar that everyone she met mistook her for a man, including her own sister.


4. Gilgamesh: Fate / Zero
The king of kings.


3. Wiley Nelson: Jormungand
So badass with those bombs.


2. Rider: Fate / Zero
Just look at that chest.


1. Genjurou Kazanari: Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Meteoroid-Falling, Burning, and Disappear, Then…
Nothing can defeat those alien monsters but the power of song… and this guy’s muscles.

Worst Couples


5. Sawa and Taichi: Tari Tari
Where the hell did this come from?


4. Ririchiyo and Soushi: Inu x Boku
Rich ojou-sama and her butler, who is twice her age… Yeah…


3. Oojima and Everyone: Koi Choco
Who cares.


2. Shuu and Inori: Guilty Crown
It was a close call between this and Kirito and Asuna. In the end, I decided that Kirito and Asuna deserved each other. Iori was basically a porcelain doll (who transformed into a wolverine occasionally) so she had little choice in the matter and earns some sympathy.


1. Anyone and Anyone: Gundam AGE
The people who made Gundam AGE are assholes! Every time the show makes me want to ship someone, they kill one of them off! First Yurin, then Asemu and Ziethart, then Kio and the sick girl, then Kio and Fram. I hate them so much.

Best Couples


5. Fleur and Ao: Eureka Seven AO
I think they’re cute together.


4. Karuta and Watanuki: Inu x Boku SS
Too adorable.


3. Natsume and Sasahara: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Way better than the old fogey.


2. Literature Girl and Hidenori: Nichibros
Hell yeah.


1. Mayaka and Satoshi: Hyouka
Best couple. The way they’re shy about it and Satoshi tries to hide from her is adorable.

Best Female Character


5. Literature Girl: Nichibros
Every time she showed up left me rolling over laughing.


4. Nyaruko: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
Her enthusiasm is infectious.


3. Asako Natsume: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
An anime fan and a blogger, how can I say no?


2. Sanae Dekomori: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!


1. Mayaka Ibara: Hyouka
Hands down the best female character of the year.

Best Male Character


5. Natsuki Usami: Tsuritama
Picked him over the other characters in Tsuritama because I liked the way they dealt with his family.


4. Kaoru Nishimi: Sakamichi no Apollon
By the end of the show, it really felt like we understood him.


3. Houtarou Oreki: Hyouka
I like the way his laziness covers over his hidden passion.


2. Flit Asuno: Gundam AGE
From a child to an old man… Gundam AGE was perhaps just one long character study.


1. Rider (and Waver): Fate / Zero
The obvious choice.

Who were your favorite and least favorite characters in 2012?

18 thoughts on “2012 Year in Review: Characters

  1. Shit….I know two of these shows. (Fate/Zero and Chunnigirlwitheyepatch).

    The best character is clearly Girl with Eye Patch or Death Girl from Chunnii’mimmatureandthinki’mawizard. I loved that show and loved those characters. Don’t know who’d I pick as the best though it’s tough.

    1. Death Girl made the best female characters list, it was a close call between her and Rikka but I decided Death Girl was funnier.

  2. After all those “Pycho-Pass is not moe” posts, I was REALLY expecting to see Akane Tsunemori make it onto the “Most Moe” list 🙂

    1. Ah, I should have mentioned, I’m only counting shows that ended this year so PSYCHO PASS is out. Maybe next year she’ll make the Most Moe list.

  3. Annoying in combination with Saber when they masturbated together about chivalry.

    PFFT hahahaha. Amazing list, and who can say no to the gallant Rider and of course his moe moe master, Waver?

    1. A full half of my posts on Fate / Zero were devoted to bitching about Saber and Lancer. So annoying, those two. I wish Caster just showed up and ate them in the middle of one of those conversations.

      And yeah, maybe Waver should have earned a place on the most moe list.

  4. Worst female: I basically agree w/ your list, in particular your #1!

    Worst male: Luscinia (LE II), Shimao (Natsuyuki Rendezvous), Noumi (Accel World). I hate every one of them. I think Arita is kinda cute, though.

    Most important category: Best female: Yay to Mayaka and Natsume – these two and Kanna vom AnoNtasu made an otherwise unimpressive anime year worth watching for me! Chitanda would be (a little bit further down) on my list, as well, b/c she is moe and responsible at the same time. And of course Choco-Chan from Kuroumajo-san for her snarky comments! And Watashi (I know, you don’t like her) for being snarky and cute at the same time!

    Nyaruko doesn’t make it on my list, she was far too annoying! Literature girl looks intereresting, though, did I miss something by not watching Nichibros?

    Best male: Does Hyouge Mono count as a 2012 show? If so, then Sasuke certainly is my #1. Of course Rider makes it on my list, as well, plus Kotomine Kirei for being super cool. I’d also like to name Yamaguchi-kun from Tonari who seemed to be your arrogant rich kid at first but turned out to be quite a nuanced and interesting character.

    Worst couple: I agree w/ you on this one.

    Best couple: Marika x Gruier, certainly. Also Fam x Giselle, Fam x Millia, Dian x her cute navigator. Oh, all of these are lesbian couples! Then I’d like to add Tsubaki x Urabe from Nazo no Kaojou X, what an underrated series!

    Cool pic of Rider and Waver!

    1. Worst Male: Luscinia was pretty dumb, I forgot about him. Noumi was arguably worse as a character than Arita, but the fact that he was there for less than half of the show gave him less of a chance to earn my hatred (plus, it was the half of the show that I skimmed through).

      Best female: I didn’t like Kanna much (although she was better than the alien girl). All my shipping in that show was devoted to the main guy’s friend and the girl with the curly hair (forgot everybody’s names). Nyaruko was annoying but in a way that I found hilarious… I can understand how not everyone would like her though.

      Nichibros: Yes you missed something pretty good. It’s basically a parody of every high school anime ever made, in which the people actually like high school students (i.e., the boys keep doing stupid crap and all the girls are assholes).

      Best Male: I haven’t watched past episode ten of Hyouge Mono still, I figure I’ll wait until the whole thing ends. If I had I bet he would have made the best male character list without any difficulties.

      Best Couple: I still haven’t watched Mysterious Girlfriend X, even though I loved the manga. Too busy this summer and never got around to it… I’m not sure who I want to ship in Last Exile, it’s too hard to choose… Just not Fam.

  5. I can’t comment much on the taste presented in this list, at least not without thinking really hard about my favorites and watching the shows I did not watch.

    So I won’t!

    Having said that, I feel that your choices are well justified except for maybe Sanae and Nyaruko (I didn’t like them).

    I was also expecting Watashi on this list.

    I really need to watch Inu x Boku.

    1. How can anyone not like Dekomori? She was hilarious! So was Nyaruko, although I can understand a dislike for her.

      I didn’t like Watashi much. Well to be fair I didn’t like Humanity has Declined much, although Watashi was one of the best parts. It just seemed like cynical writers thinking they were much smarter than they actually were.

      And yeah you do need to watch Inu x Boku (although I’m not going to claim it’s great or anything).

  6. hina takanashi is a little fucking bitch and cock sucker. i want to kick her and throw her on the ground until she die.

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