A Channel — First Impression

A Channel is next in the long line of shows about cute girls doing cute things at school, with its main differentiating feature being that the girls’ sexuality is more explicit. I don’t consider being about cute girls doing cute things to necessarily be a negative: I enjoyed Lucky Star, K-On, Manabi Straight, and Hyakko. But A Channel has a few issues.

  1. The art. The huge heads, eyes and shiny cheeks aren’t working too well in my opinion. The characters look more like monsters than cute girls.
  2. Bland characters. We have the airhead, the normal girl, the glasses girl, and the stalker. I doubt that any of them will develop beyond this mold. In K-On, Yui is an airhead too. But she can actually be really enthusiastic and do well when she tries. Her airheadedness is complemented by the rest of the cast, particularly her sister. The character in A Channel is is just an airhead for the sake of being an airhead, so that we can laugh at how dumb she is.
  3. It’s not funny. Maybe it’s just because I’ve seen the same jokes done before a million times. I was paying more attention to the show’s music than what people were saying. I’m not sure if it’s because the music didn’t fit well or because I was bored.

3 thoughts on “A Channel — First Impression

  1. THANK YOU! I thought i was the only one who didnt find it the least funny. I just finished watching A-Channel and it was so boring and too forced. I kinda did like the characters design, and it was interesting the way they use the insert songs… i didnt like it though… made it obvious it needed something to make it unique and just to fill the episode. i ADORE Azumanga Daioh and K-ON… this is not even close to them.
    The only plus sides i give it is GREAT OP sequence (very entertaining and full of subliminal “BUY me” sh.. XD) and Yuuko screams and kansai accent (same seiyuu as MUGI from K-ON)

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