A Condition Called Love Review — D-

A very romantic show in which a girl with no self-respect dates her future abuser.

So what got me to watch this is it’s actually quite well made and the characterizations are well done. But boy oh boy is this a fucked up relationship and the show doesn’t seem to even realize??? Hannanoi-kun is a ginormous fucking red flag. The guy has zero friends and claims he doesn’t need or want any because then he would have less spend to time with his girlfriend. He chases away her friends and is in general a complete and utter dick to everyone else he meets. He is also a creepy obsessive stalker.

Dump him!

Honestly I would have loved this show if it had somehow been a bit more reflective on the whole situation. But the way this is all portrayed, it seems to be seen as a good thing which is deeply disturbing.

  • Storytelling – B – Very well communicated story even if the story is awful.
  • Voice – B – It is a different take (in positive ways as well). I did like how it started with Hotaru unsure if she is interested in romance at all, even if the answer it found was awful.
  • Characters – B – Well characterized even if the guy is a dick.
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept my interest. Waiting for her to dump him.
  • Production – C – Meh.
  • Overall – D-

Recommendations – You need a community, not a single be all end all relationship.

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