A Seasonal Review: Summer 2014

Not the best season in anime history, but still some good stuff. Only a couple great shows (Sabagebu and Aldnoah Zero) but a number of good ones.

Unwatched: Ao Haru Ride, Bakumatsu Rock, DRAMAtical Murder, Free! Eternal Summer, Haikyuu!!, Kuroshitsuji, Locodol, Love Stage!!, Monogatari Series Second Season, Momo Kyun Sword, Nobunaga Concerto, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, Sengoku Basara: Judge End, Shounen Hollywood

Shorts: Ai Mai Mi, Gundam-san, Himegoto, Shin Strange+, Yama no Susume S2

mahouka_08_6 mahouka_21_14

25. Mahouka — F-
Worst anime I’ve ever watched. Not kidding.

glasslip_mid_1 glasslip_mid_2

24. Glasslip — F
What the hell was that.

majimoji_rurumo_01_1 majimoji_rurumo_01_2

23. Majimoji Rurumo — F
Bland boring bad fanservice.

persona_4_golden_01_2 persona_4_golden_review_1

22. Persona 4 The Golden Animation — F
Completely pointless.

rokujouma_no_shinryakusha_01_2 rokujouma_no_shinryakusha_01_1

21. Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? — F

sailor_moon_crystal_01_3 sailor_moon_crystal_01_1

20. Sailor Moon: Crystal — Ongoing
Losing any interest I originally had.

argevollen_01_4 argevollen_01_3

19. Argevollen — Ongoing
A competent mecha series but… there’s just nothing that gets me excited.

fate_kaleider_liner_prisma_ilya_2wei_01_2 fate_kaleider_liner_prisma_ilya_2wei_01_1

18. Fate Kaleid Liner / Prisma Ilya 2wei! — D
Lesbian lolis make out.

re_hamatora_01_1 re_hamatora_01_2

17. Re: _Hamatora — D+
Not gay enough.

rail_wars_06_1 rail_wars_butts_2

16. Rail Wars! — D+
Boobs and butts on the train.

akame_ga_kill_08_1 akame_ga_kill_01_2

15. Akame ga Kill! — Ongoing
How do they make crazy assassins so boring…

jinsei_01_2 jinsei_01_1

14. Jinsei — Translating…
I actually like this, despite the silly premise.

hanayamata_01_1 hanayamata_01_3

13. Hanayamata — C-
Cute girls smile at each other.

sword_art_online_II_14_14 sword_art_online_II_11_8

12. Sword Art Online II — Ongoing
Kirito continues to hit on girls and engage in swordplay behind his girlfriend’s back.

captain_earth_date_live_brynhildr_1 captain_earth_24_1

11. Captain Earth — C
Not the best mecha series but I still like it.

tokyo_esp_05_1 tokyo_esp_01_1

10. Tokyo ESP — C
Cool idea, didn’t end satisfactorily though, the middle ten episodes were a big letdown.

mahouka_jojo_1 jojo_stardust_crusaders_01_1

9. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders — Ongoing
Not living up to the previous arcs… but still pretty hilarious.

hunter_x_hunter_140_1 hunter_x_hunter_01_2

8. Hunter X Hunter — B-
It’s over! An enjoyable final arc. That punch!!!

gekkan_shoujo_nozaki_12_1 gekkan_shoujo_nozaki_01_3

7. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun — B-
Quite funny, such shipping!

tokyo_ghouls_01_2 tokyo_ghoul_review_2

6. Tokyo Ghoul — B-
Touka is cute (+1 letter grade).

barakamon_01_3 barakamon_01_2

5. Barakamon — B-
I love how this portrays the little kids.

space_dandy_01_2 space_dandy_2_01_2

4. Space Dandy — B
Quite the wild ride. Wasn’t expecting to enjoy this so much.

zankyou_no_terror_08_2 zankyou_no_terror_01_1

3. Zankyou no Terror— B
It might have been rather illogical, but it was very well made and an interesting story.

aldnoah_zero_06_5 aldnoah_zero_02_2

2. Aldnoah Zero — Ongoing
So many twists and turns! I love that kind of stuff.

sabagebu_01_3 sabagebu_08_1

1. Sabagebu — A-
Best show of the season. Absolutely hilarious.

What did you think of this past season’s shows?

5 thoughts on “A Seasonal Review: Summer 2014

  1. “15. Akame ga Kill! — Ongoing
    How do they make crazy assassins so boring…”
    Kinda like Akuma no Riddle?

    “1. Sabagebu — A-
    Best show of the season. Absolutely hilarious.”
    I miss Momoka already…

    Never though I would watch anime like Sabagebu again after my decision to only watch certain genre…

    1. Yeah, Akame ga Kill is pretty similar to Akuma no Riddle in terms of boringness. The titles are even similar haha.

      I miss Momoka too… We need more evil girls like her.

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