A Seasonal Review: Winter 2014

I’m on vacation now. Be back in July. Let me know if you’re in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, or Japan. This will be the month of Narutaru. If anyone wants to write a guest post let me know.

Oh, and this is super late. Oh well.

Unwatched: Maken-ki 2Super Sonico, ImoCho, Sakura Trick, Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Shorts: Dropped Except Strange+ and Tonari no Seki-kun

nobunaga_the_fool_01_2 nobunaga_the_fool_01_1

31. Nobunaga da FooOngoing
How can anyone make a war involving Leonardo da Vinci, King Arthur, Nobunaga, Jean d’Arc, and Julius Caesar so bloody boring?!!!

saki_the_nationals_01_2 saki_the_nationals_01_1

30. Saki Zenkoku-hen — F
Lesbian magic mahjong… for the millionth time.

zx_ignition_01_3 zx_ignition_01_1

29. Z/X Ignition — F
A loli riding a fire-breathing mecha T-Rex, then nothing to follow up.

seitokai_yakuindomo_s2_2 seitokai_yakuindomo_s2_1

28. Seitokai Yakuindomo — D-
This got old a long long time ago.

nobunagun_01_2 nobunagun_01_1

27. NobunagunD
Ten seconds of greatness when Nobunaga laughs from hell. Otherwise stupid. Ok maybe entirely stupid.

witch_craft_works_01_1 witch_craft_works_01_2

26. Witch Craft Works — D
The side cast is cool, but the two leads bored me to tears.

toaru_hikuushi_10_3 toaru_hikuushi_05_2

25. Toaru Hikuushi e no KoiutaD
Believe. You are who you are.

wizard_barristers_01_1 wizard_barristers_engrish_2

24. Wizard Barristers — D
Needed more frog.

strange+_1 strange_plus_robot_girls_z_01_1

23. Strange+D+
Good for a few minutes of mild amusement.

noukome_golden_time_2 golden_time_01_2

22. Golden TimeD+
Grow up already.

nourin_kana no_rin_01_2

21. Nourin — D+
Some funny moments. And some obnoxious ones, like that teacher.

wake_up_girls_01_1 wake_up_girls_review_1

20. Wake Up Girls!C-
Can’t tell any of them apart.

nisekoi nisekoi_nourin_3

19. Nisekoi — Ongoing
Ruri! Don’t care about anyone else.

hamatora_01_2 hamatora_boobs

18. Hamatora — C
A few good episodes, but mostly mediocre. The gayer the better.

buddy_complex_11_9 buddy_complex_11_10

17. Buddy ComplexTo Be Continued

noragami_01_2 noragami_review_1

16. NoragamiC
Yukine, most annoying character of the year?

gin_no_saji_s2_0_2 gin_no_saji_s2_0_1

15. Gin no Saji 2C+
Dude just ask her out already.

hunter_x_hunter_ship white_album_arpeggio_hunter_x_hunter_1

14. Hunter X HunterOngoing
I’m ready for the next arc.

strike_the_blood_01_2 strike_the_blood_loli

13. Strike the BloodC+
An Index / Shana type show with magic and fighting and a harem. Ashamed to admit but I do like this formula once in a while.

d_frag_review_1 d_frag_01_1

12. D-Frag! C+
I love the manga. But the adaptation wasn’t that great…

engaged_to_the_unidentified_01_1 engaged_to_the_unidentified_01_2

11. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei — C+
Really surprised by how much I liked this one. Normally not my kind of thing.

chuunibyou_s2_01_2 chuunibyou_2_review_1

10. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai 2B-
Pink!!! All my tears. I thought a sequel was pointless but they proved me wrong.

sekai_seifuku_11_4 sekai_seifuku_07_6

9. Sekai Seifuku — B-
Meandered around, but mostly an enjoyable ride.

space_dandy_01_2 space_dandy_01_1

8. Space Dandy — To Be Continued
Everyone thought this would be the next Cowboy Bebop. Fortunately it wasn’t. It was way better.

tokyo_ravens_outbreak_company_1 galilei_tokyo_ravens_1

7. Tokyo RavensB
Fighting, romance and conspiracies. With shinto!

inari_kon_kon_review_1 inari_kon_kon_review_2

6. Inari, Konkon, Koi IrohaB
So cute.

log_horizon_01_1 log_horizon_01_2

5. Log Horizon — To Be Continued (Yay!)
Too much glasses shifting and talking, but when stuff happens, quite fun.

samurai_flamenco_17_3 samurai_flamenco_04_1

4. Samurai FlamencoB
It was quite a ride. One surprise after another.

nagi_no_asukara_review_4 nagi_no_asukara_17

3. Nagi no AsukaraB+
MIUUUNNNAAAAA!!!! All the feels.

tonari_no_seki_01_2 tonari_no_seki_01_1

2. Tonari no Seki-kunOngoing
Short, funny and to the point. One of the few shorts that benefits from being short.

kill_la_kill_12_4 kill_la_kill_21_3

1. Kill la Kill — A-

What did you think of this past season’s anime? Feel free to share in the comments!

9 thoughts on “A Seasonal Review: Winter 2014

  1. Kill la Kill was pretty fabulous- I got into it pretty late in the game (mid-winter season) but marathoned through it. It was a fun ride.

    Similar thoughts on Yukine in Noragami but if you stick it out, he makes a HUGE reversal in character development and actually makes up for his annoying whining in the first half.

  2. For lack of time and other reasons I only managed to finish Gin no Saji II and Inari, Konkon. I enjoyed Mikakunin, as well, so perhaps I’ll finish it some time later.

    I’m surprised that Nagi no Asakura received such a high ranking from you! Ok, it had great visuals, but after watching a few episodes I dropped it for being too cheesy. Have I been wrong?

    Kill la Kill was a bit too much over the top for my taste even though I admit that it was quite inventive in its visual style.

    1. I thought Nagi no Asukara got way better in the second half. There is a huge twist which largely reverses all the developments you think are going to follow from the corniness in the first half. It felt like an entirely different show.

      Yeah Kill la Kill is not for everyone. 🙂

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