A Seasonal Review — Winter 2024

Didn’t Watch: See Seasonal Impressions

23. Meiji Gekken 1874 — D-
What a disappointment. Why did I try to watch this…

22. Metallic Rouge — D
What the fuck. Why.

21. The Witch and the Beast — D+
Very disappointing. Some cool moments and ideas but never really came together.

19. The Fire Hunter — C-
Cool ideas but what a complete disaster.

20. Chained Soldier — Ongoing
The manga is much better… Wasn’t trashy enough. Took the coward’s way out.

18. Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable — C
Ended up fine.

17. Tales of Wedding Rings — Ongoing
Somewhat lame story but pretty well made. Ended up much better than I expected.

16. Shangri-La Frontier — Ongoing
Fun but the kind of thing you don’t want to think about too much. Wish they would focus more on the characters and less on the stupid bunnies and the boss battles.

15. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki-kun — C+
Shocked it actually had an ending. Annoyed me in certain aspects but overall not bad.

14. The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil — C+
Objectively not that good but I love these kinds of enemies to lovers stories.

13. A Sign of Affection — B-
They got together and it mostly lost my interest.

12. Synduality Noir — B-
ROBOTS. Would have been just average ten years but I am desperate now.

11. My Instant Death Ability is Overpowered — B-
I really enjoyed this. Never did what I expected.

10. Delicious in Dungeon — Ongoing
Just recently I have finally started to really enjoy this. It sure took its time to get going though.

9. Sasaki and Peeps — Ongoing
So ridiculous. Love how it keeps upping the crazy while simultaneously making the main character the most boring dude on earth.

8. Banished From the Hero’s Party, I Decided To Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside S2 — B
Took a while but the crazy hero kid plotline did turn out quite interesting in the end.

7. Classroom of the Elite — B
My guilty pleasure. I love anime with terrible people betraying each other.

6. Brave Bang Bravern — B+
Lmao. Can’t believe I almost dropped this.

5. The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic — B+
This is probably the most braindead fun of anything this season. Always was eager for each episode.

4. Undead Unluck Review — A-
This was so much fun too. Always a joy to watch.

3. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End — A-
This ruled.

2. Apothecary Diaries — Ongoing
Picking the top four was really tough. Maomao is great.

1. Gushing About Magical Girls — A
Anime of the year.

What did you all think about this season’s anime? Anything good I missed?

One thought on “A Seasonal Review — Winter 2024

  1. Delicious in Dungeon was monthly, and while I haven’t read it, the adaptation does feel like it’s having to blitz through the content, cut out unnecessary stuff. We’ve gotten to a development that people were calling and I’m here for this all mostly for the tabletop RPG D&D high fantasy aspects, with a dash of Food Wars

    At least the opening isn’t putting so much attention on one character, given they’re essentially a perpetual victim in the story, the main 4 are better to give the focus to

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