Accel World — First Impression

Wow, this was terrible.

The opening line of the show doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it doesn’t help that I knew it’s a blatant lie off the top of my head:

One of those three things was invented during the Renaissance. I think this shows exactly how much effort was put into this show.

On to the show itself. Not only is our protagonist a worthless slimeball who makes Ouma Shuu look good: he’s also fat, short and unbelievably ugly.

And the creators don’t stop there. In the virtual world, the place where he’s supposed to be free of painful reality, his avatar is… wait for it… a PIG.

Definitely not a loser.

Then some girl gives him magic powers, and he has to fight in magical battles. Basically, this is [C], except with technobabble instead of econobattle, with far worse animation, without any characters I could potentially give a shit about, and with, unbelievably, even less concern for logic and consistency. Even worse, the fight was awful. He won by lifting up the back tire on the motorcycle? Come on, how is that even a weakness…

Like [C], the dystopian setting seems to have potential, but they completely ignore it in favor of gibberish and pointless fights. I’ll probably still watch a few more episodes of this since I’m kind of curious if it can get any worse.

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  1. I think they’re talking about the four great inventions of Ancient China: papermaking, gunpowder, printing and the compass. I guess they combined papermaking and printing together. Maybe they meant to say “Three Great Inventions of China” and translated it wrong?

    Not much to say about this show otherwise. If this show actually meant to say that the great inventions of China came from the European Renaissance, then I dunno.

      1. The translation of the blackboard is correct. It literally says “Renaissance period” and “Three Great Inventions”.

        The way I see it, the anime staff missed the fourth invention of the Four Great Inventions of China – papermaking. I can buy them using Renaissance as a term to describe a period in ancient history irrespective of the region/country, but there is no reason to leave out the fourth invention when the other three are listed out already. It’s not like the list is copyrighted, and having a more accurate depiction of the real world helps in connecting with the audience better.

        1. Ah, that makes more sense if the Renaissance refers to China. I have a eurocentric perspective, so didn’t even think of calling what happened in China a Renaissance.

  2. Yeah, in the end I felt this would probably be best enjoyed by fans of these level-up online types of games (which I’m not). There are some twists to spice things up for the fighter shounen crowd I suppose, but the story didn’t really engage me enough to want to watch any more.

    Most confusing moment: “Skull Head’s strength is his motorcycle! Okay, I’ll knock him off the bike… Nice, it worked! And now… I’ll run away to the top of this building, instead of just finishing him off right now.”


    1. oh my i just checked about the stuff that made this anime and i dont belive it.the guy who did mai hime which had a half point that turned all around 180 degrees is the dir­ector of this anime and the guy who made The guy made GC and Seikon no Qwaser.and also was Com­posed series such as Dance in the Vam­pire Bund, Fractale, Sora no Woto, Macross Fron­tier and Denpa no Teki Kan­ojo is the Com­posed of accel world Not to men­tion he did some Darker than Black .by those stuff it sound like a dark anime.and there is very good reason why his avatar is pig and he fat you will find this reason in the next episodes and that reason will change your mind about the anime.

      1. The guy who did Mai Hime? Color me intrigued. I guess I’ll have to stick with it long enough to see why he’s fat, at least.

    2. Yeah… running away made no sense. He was completely defenseless there! Ah well, hopefully he won’t make the same mistake in the future.

  3. You secretly like it I can tell.

    It’s a bit unfair putting Shu against pig boy. Pig boy is after all, half pig. Still i think Shu would lose.

    I’m going to watch more and hope it doesn’t bomb.

  4. I agree to most of what you write but I will most likely still follow this show.

    The fights were pathetic but I’m afraid this is a fighting anime. The chubby male “lead”, I think, is actually something new. Usually, the male character is as average as possible but this one is clearly an underdog. And hey, the pig is quite cute, no?

    The reason why I will follow it, however, has been perfectly captured here: 🙂 An attractive tights-wearing female main character whose avatar has oversized butterfly wings – count me in for now!

    1. She is pretty attractive, I can’t argue with that! I’m in for now too, we’ll see how it turns out. A chubby protagonist is certainly something new as well. I just hope they make this guy at least mildly likable…

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