Acchi Kocchi — First Impression

When the show immediately reminds me of Nekogami Yaoyorozu… well, that’s a problem.

The animation is hideous, the characters are caricatures, and the jokes aren’t funny. At all.

The only good part is that it involves girls in the snow. Except they are too cheap to animate the snow. Dropped.

4 thoughts on “Acchi Kocchi — First Impression

  1. Yeah there is something weak about this series, but I think this is one of many “moe” themed anime for spring…the only characters I liked were the orange haired scientist and the main girl! I just love her hair color it looked really interesting, but it looked like plastic ahaha

    I will try two more episodes before dropping it, but I will probably watch with my brother he seems to enjoy it.

    1. I may be convinced to watch another episode or two, depending on other people’s reactions… We’ll see.

  2. Won’t watch this either. Besides the aspects you mention the main girl was portraied too much like a pet for my taste. I have to object against the comparison to Nekogami, though.

    1. The content itself wasn’t much like Nekogami, but I felt there was quite a resemblance in both the animation style and the character designs (with cat ears and such).

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