Amagi Brilliant Park 05 — Of Moles and Dragons


A slapstick adventure episode.

I’m glad to see we’re getting a bit more variety in the episodes. This one was decidedly of the silly variety. Which I think is a good thing. You can tell that this is by the author of FMP, the mix of seriousness with complete goofiness was one of the best parts of that series.




It had a few really good moments, such as reading the dragon’s mind (I’d completely forgot he even had that power) and Moffet’s reactions to everything (the above was my favorite), but when it comes down to it, I’ve seen funnier. Twintails has had me laughing way more than this episode did.


The park has money again, along with some new characters. Which is partly why I’m not a big fan of shows with mostly independent episodes. Sometimes it can work brilliantly, if each episode is enough of a story on its own to be fulfilling. But usually it just fills like they’re killing time to rack up the episode count.

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