Angolmois Review — B+

Lots of people die killing Mongols.

This came from pretty much out of nowhere to be one of the best shows of the season. And I feel like pretty much nobody was watching it.

It was great. I loved all the fight scenes, all the awesome deaths, all the great romances. How did a show about warriors fighting mongols become one of the best shipping anime this year? I’m boring, and princess and the main guy was the best ship. I love how she is kind of creepy about it and he just doesn’t give a fuck. The two kids were also great.

This show completely won me over in the second episode, when the one guy died. Never though they could make me reverse my opinion of someone so quickly.

I highly recommend people check this out.

  • Storytelling – B – Does a good job structuring things.
  • Voice – A – Love the setting, haven’t seen this before.
  • Characters – A – Possibly spreads itself a bit thin, but develops them very well.
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept me enthusiastic throughout.
  • Production – B – Quite liked the style!
  • Overall – B+

RecommendationsShoukoku no Altair, Arslan Senki, Guin Saga

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