Another 09 — Guess the Death

I’ve discovered recently that the best way to enjoy this show is to guess how the next person is going to die. When you put your mind to it, anything can be a deadly weapon!

Drowning? Yeah! Power boats? Of course! Umbrellas? Absolutely! Falling lockers? Perhaps. Falling off a cliff? Easy! Getting struck by lightning? Yes (although we could also blame this on umbrellas). Falling glass? Not yet.

You can also drive off a cliff after a rock falls through your windshield. I guess those “Beware of Falling Rock” signs aren’t useless after all. Although I’m not sure what you could do differently if you knew there might be falling rocks…

Another common cause of death is truck drivers carrying backhoes that park on hills without setting their emergency brakes. Although I think the fact that it started moving well after the driver got out betrays all the laws of physics. Either way, someone please revoke this guy’s license.

There wasn’t much mystery this episode as to who was going to die. That girl on the right triggered so many death flags I lost count. I guess I couldn’t predict the other three deaths though. The creators are taking off the limiters on the number of deaths per episode to lead up to the finale.

I liked the part with the cassette tape. Was surprised those kids even knew what cassette tapes were. I think the story is set in the 90s, although there’s nothing that makes this particularly obvious.

The scene were they ruined the tape was kind of dumb though. Their class is getting murdered, and they’re worried abut getting in trouble with the teacher for using the cassette player? Guys, a hint from a master at getting away with stuff you shouldn’t be doing. The teacher couldn’t care less if you’re using the cassette player. He’ll only get mad at you if he thinks you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. And he’ll only think you shouldn’t be using the cassette player if you tell him that. Act like you should be using the cassette player and you won’t get in trouble. Trying to hide is pretty much the dumbest thing you can do in this situation.

Overall, though, I didn’t particularly like this episode. Not enough Izumi. A bit of Mei, but it just isn’t the same.

8 thoughts on “Another 09 — Guess the Death

  1. I dunno, man. Japan is pretty hardcore about school and rules. A yearly pattern of mortal peril never stopped the kids or teachers from going to school. Why would the teacher care if listening to the cassette was the key saving everyone’s lives? Detention for everyone!

  2. *puts on glasses*

    You could say this ended on a cliff hanger? ;D

    My work here is done.

    No seriously! I waited and waited and waited for someone to die in the classroom, but no one freaking died! ARRRGG Then again that random brother and oh noes random girl had to die…and now we have a damaged tape? GOOD GAME.

    1. Haha, oh man… cliffhanger…

      Yeah, they always kill off characters no one cares about, which doesn’t help us take this seriously. Aside from umbrella girl, I guess.

  3. So the guy who was killed by the power boat last ep was already dead at that time b/c he hit his head in the morning of that day but didn’t notice? Maybe he was the Another and the case is already solved by now?

    I noticed since ep. 07 that Mei likes to make snarky comments about the whole situation and her own status as as a quasi mystery. This time it was her joke about having heard the locked guy in the hidden underground library. It’s almost like she’s making fun of her own character stereotype. I like that.

    1. I think it’s not that he actually died in town, he just had the accident which led to his death in town. So it’s not actually the death itself which has to happen in town, only the cause of death.

  4. The excavator on the truck sliding down the hill and ramming the house was a bit too imaginative to be true. Even if the guy on the computer didn’t see it coming, the worst that would’ve happened is that he’d get knocked to the back of the room and have a few broken bones.

    I was also disappointed at the lack of Izumi.

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