Another — First Impression

This one could really go either way. I do like what we’ve seen of the setting so far, and the characters all seem interesting.

BUT— and this is a big but— the series this episode most reminds me of is Ookami Kakushi. Let’s hope the resemblance is only superficial.

As for establishing a creepy atmosphere— well, the classmates are all creepy, although not because of anything supernatural. I particularly liked the scene in the hospital. But Rei’s vague insinuations aren’t doing much for me. Neither are the random shots of dismembered dolls.

I’ll stick with this for now. I may end up blogging it too, depending on how the next episodes of Symphogear and Moretsu Pirates go. And on Inu x Boku. This season’s been pretty slim pickings… I may just give up and do funny screencaps of Milky Holmes.

10 thoughts on “Another — First Impression

  1. I heard this show develops at a slow-ish pace (like Ghost Hounds), but the revelations are worth sticking through. Since this is the only horror/thriller/mystery show this season, I might stick with it and see

    1. I loved Ghost Hound, I hope you’re right! I’m going to stick with it too. Horror is definitely a genre I could never get enough of.

  2. Oh good, I’m not the only one getting the Ookami Kakushi vibes. Hopefully this doesn’t end with a pointless maid-trap episode (although maybe the lulz alone would be worth it).

  3. This has been my favourite and most promising 1st ep this season!

    I generally like mystery/ “horror” shows Shiki. I like dolls and the OP strongly reminded me of another favourite of mine featuring living dolls. And it’s a visual treat!

    Oh and I did like Ookami Kakushi! Sure, the ending was disappointing and the whole series was far too short. But the Peach-Pit character designs imo were pretty good and the atmosphere was creepy. Too bad many interesting characters (e.g. the MC’s younger sister) weren’t really developed.

    1. I like dolls too, they can be really creepy. I just hope they incorporate them into the story rather than randomly flashing them.

      Ookami Kakushi did have decent character designs and a good atmosphere, at least at first. But the end was quite the let down, and many of the characters never really came to life, as you said.

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