Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Review — C-

The adventures of chibi fighters with powers derived from test scores return.

Ok, so the jokes are definitely starting to get old. How many Minami flat chest jokes have we heard at this point? How many times has Himeji cooked poison? How often has Shouko blackmailed Yuuji? (ok, I still enjoy that last one) The first season was enjoyable: they should have stopped while they were ahead.

There were a few good episodes, particularly the peeking in the bath arc, the Minami episodes and that one episode on Shouko. But then everything just gets reset.

I don’t have much else to say. The strongest part of the first season was in its fights and wacky humor (e.g., Shouko and Yuuji, Hideyoshi as a girl, and Akihisa getting the crap beaten out of him). In this season, we got much less of this than I would have liked. Instead, they decided to focus on beach episodes, festivals and Himeji’s cooking.

  • Plot / Script – C – Reuse of jokes.
  • Characters – C – I always liked the characters in this series (except Himeji). But this season didn’t add much to them.
  • Production – B – It has a unique visual style.
  • Overall – C-

Recommendations – School Rumble, Seto no Hanayome, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

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3 thoughts on “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Review — C-

  1. This.

    I really enjoyed the first season, but once it got to the whole “peeking into the girl’s bath” arc, I was ready for it to be over.

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