Black Bullet Review — D


Our hero fights off giant monsters along with marriage proposals from ten year old girls.

Yeah, so I’m not able to properly appreciate this show, because I’m not a lolicon. But setting that aside, the show has other issues. The biggest problem is how it feels the need to overexplain everything, particularly all the technical details about varanium and crap. Despite this, the show feels rushed, because they barely delve into the more important parts of the world: the characters and their motivations. For example, everyone has some ridiculous obsession with their ranking, even when the world is about to end. Black Bullet focuses on these minor inconsequential details, repeating them over and over again, to the exclusion of what actually matters. A case of misplaced priorities.

This leads to great confusion regarding the characters. For example, the villain randomly switches sides at the end, and other minor characters are pointlessly and comically evil for no reason. The main character becomes an evil dictator at the end with little prompting. Some of the characters made such a small impact I forgot who they were from week to week.


Another part that annoyed me was the show’s portrayal of discrimination. It’s essentially a lengthy complaint against discrimination by someone who doesn’t understand what discrimination is. Everyone just randomly hates the lolis. Where the lolis are actually super powerful warriors who are the only reason the rest of humanity is alive. Ok then. Great moral stand you’re taking there, opposing discrimination against super cute little girls who are the most powerful humans the world has ever seen. It is kind of funny how people randomly attack little girls with whatever they can find though.

But eh I guess if you’re into lolis you should watch Black Bullet. It does have a lot of lolis. Also, a great yandere ending from out of left field.

  • Storytelling – F – Too much explaining, inconsistent characters.
  • Voice – D – Nothing special except for all the creepy lolis.
  • Characters – D – Stupid lolis.
  • Attention Grab – D – All those infodumps… Zzz….
  • Production – D – Not impressed.
  • Overall – D

Recommendations – Guilty Crown

3 thoughts on “Black Bullet Review — D

  1. The best part of Black Bullet was the opening.

    I wanted to like it but couldn’t. So many missed opportunities. I would say Black Bullet’s treatment of discrimination is the worst of the year…only there’s Mahouka.

    1. Hm I skipped the opening. Yeah I feel bad for Black Bullet, its dumb treatment of discrimination was completely outdone by Mahouka. 🙁

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