BTOOOM! — First Impression

The game… is real!

It’s kind of like Accel World and Sword Art Online in that game becomes reality. The difference is that the players are supposed to actually kill each other, and the “game” takes place in the real world.

Color me intrigued, at the moment. It’s a very dark and gritty show— the main character actually blew up his enemy into little pieces. And he actually feels bad about it.

I also like the setup for the game— the use of the bombs makes it very strategic, rather than, say, Accel World or Sword Art Online where the battles seem to just make stuff up as they go along.

With that said, it doesn’t appear to be very well produced. The animation and voice acting are both not all that impressive.

It also doesn’t help that the main character is supposed to be a genius at this game, but comes across as a moron. Come on, how do you not realize after the first one while staring at the bright countdown timer that the bombs don’t go off on a countdown? It seriously took you two more wasted bombs before you figured that out?

8 thoughts on “BTOOOM! — First Impression

  1. It looked really great to be honest. Stylish in a MADHOUSE sort of way.

    I lol’d though at how the MC did not know about the timer until his 4th or 5th try. What a genius.

  2. The first episode made me decide to read the manga, and i ended up catching up to the latest chapter (~49) in one sitting. It just felt that addicting (maybe its the mix of Battle Royale and Bomberman). The preview for the next episode already mixes the order a little from the manga. Hope it doesn’t get too rushed like what happened to Deadman Wonderland.

  3. I started reading the manga last year when a certain scanlation group picked it up last year until they dropped the manga a few months agao because the manga has been licensed. It’s imo a good read. Although I easily found similarities to other stories, I still thought this could get a good anime.

    As above stated, Madhouse already made changes, but I guess they won’t hurt, since I don’t believe they are going to animate the full manga (which according to the mangaka might end with volume 20, right now, 9 volumes were released). Anyway, I’m also not impressed by the voice actors yet and I can’t believe Miyuki Sawashiro will voice that kid *shudder*, but I will definitely watch all the episodes of this series.

    1. I’ll stick with this too. Hopefully Madhouse will give it a good anime original ending rather than leaving us hanging.

  4. Honestly, I perceive Sakamoto’s stupidity as being an accurate representation of what happens when you take someone who never steps foot outside and throw them into the middle of a life or death situation. But then, I’ve been told I’m a little harsh on Sakamoto due to natural biases between gamers like myself, and gamers like him.

    1. That’s true, in a life or death situation like that, mistakes are understandable. But he doesn’t seem to be too mentally unstable. He can come up with that plan of jumping in the water, after all. That’s what makes his inability to figure out a simple countdown timer so strange.

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