Bubuki Buranki — First Impressions


A boy with mommy issues fights in a dystopia with magic and giant robots.

Admittedly this has its faults. Mainly it felt rather abrupt at times and didn’t do a great job at setting things up. (Like that convenience store on the roof— wtf? Or the girl who went berserk when she saw her guy— I just started laughing when she screamed about how he killed her parents. These were two characters we hadn’t even met yet…) It’s also perhaps a bit too transparent in the character motivations. Like how it’s patently obvious the leader is going to betray him at some point, or how bad an actor that politician is. I would have certainly preferred some more subtlety.

But still, I thought this was a great first episode. The setting reminds me a lot of Xam’d. I love that kind of shit. And the scene from the past at the beginning was exceedingly well done. It was only when we moved to the present day that the main flaws began to become apparent.


Also, cute girls who like blowing shit up. I’m sold.

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