Buddy Complex 06 — Aoba Couples Around, Dio is Jealous


That Aoba… he’d have a nice coupling with just about anybody. What a pimp.

Obviously Dio’s jealous. Not only is Aoba going around coupling with others now, he’s coupling with Dio’s summer fling. That’s just awkward.


Dio and his summer fling used to have a Nice Coupling too. But then Dio’s waveform changed. “It’s not you, it’s me,” Dio told Fromm. “It wasn’t meant to be. Aoba and I… we’re coupling now.”


And then Fromm goes ahead and couples with Aoba. Because Aoba matches everyone’s waveform. Even though it was their first time coupling together, Fromm wouldn’t go easy on Aoba.

It starts off well enough— holding hands, dancing around in the sky, staring into each others’ eyes. But once the action starts, Aoba can’t perform. Dio is truly the only one for him. Fortunately Dio was watching the failed attempts at coupling from the sidelines, and joins in. Then Aoba is able to perform.


Next week Fromm is moving in next door so things could get awkward. Maybe next week we can get a Tripling. LET’S COUPLING!!!!

Further Thoughts

So the congresscritters in the Liberty Federation are pissed because the military developed a secret weapon that works well. What? You’d think they’d be jumping over each other to take credit for this. And funding tons of programs the military claims they don’t even need, like in the US. Well whatever, it’s anime, let’s pretend people are competent.

In Zogilia or whatever it’s called apparently there is some tension between the military and the “adminburo.” Not sure why they didn’t just come out and call it the politburo.


ERU-ERUFU, so boss. I’m sure Hina can’t wait for the inevitable episode when Aoba does a NICE COUPLING with ERU-ERUFU. Save those binoculars, Hina.

Oh, and during the battle, the enemies pulled out their new weapon… a pump-action shotgun! This is an intense arms race going on here between the two world super-powers.

6 thoughts on “Buddy Complex 06 — Aoba Couples Around, Dio is Jealous

  1. Haha your write-ups are pretty darn funny. What do you think of the show? Would you recommend it? It looks like there’s some lols in the NICE COUPLINGS and there’s nothing wrong with a bit more ERU-ERUFU, but are the other aspects okay?

    1. It’s decent, not anywhere near Valvrave levels of gloriousness, but not too bad either. I’d say if you tend to like Sunrise mecha shows watch it, otherwise don’t bother. It’s mildly entertaining but nothing amazing.

  2. lol, nice coupling with ERU ERUFU ? not really, instead of NICE COUPLING with Aoba he will do NICE KILLING because Aoba snatches Hina away from him like when he became a full Yandere on ep 1….that ERU ERUFU clearly has a thing for her

    im curious what Aoba will do that will break the beautiful friendship of Hina and her zogilian comrades…

    1. NICE KILLING would work too. Or maybe some NICE NTR. I assume all the Zogilians will think Hina has been tricked and all be out to kill Aoba for a while before they put aside their differences as Celestial Being to save the world from the petty differences of nation-states.

  3. Other than the obvious gay jokes, I think this show is very average. The plot, the battle, they have been done to death. The characters? I don’t remember anyone’s name other than Aoba, Hina dan Dio. Not even this new pilot. Nobody has strong presence here. Unlike Valvrave, which is able to raise some love and hate.

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