Buddy Complex 07 — Aoba, I Choo-Choo-Choose You!


Aoba and Dio have officially acknowledged their relationship and decided to become a public Coupling. Fromm is willing to watch from the sidelines and wait for his chance with both of them.


But that might not happen. Since once you Couple with Aoba, nobody else will be able to satisfy you again.


Coupling with Aoba exceeds anything you’ve ever imagined.


It’s so amazing it should be impossible. Even the enemy is in awe at Aoba’s skills when his and Dio’s frames come together. It’s unbelievable.


Still, Aoba and Dio’s ultimate technique is pretty… fucking retarded. The Trans-Am Double Headbutt, where they turn into rainbows, press their bodies together and deflect every laser beam and bullet with their hard-headedness. THE ULTIMATE WEAPON. I mean I know this show is stupid but this is just too stupid.

Further Thoughts

The enemy seem to be shocked to discover a group of islands in the ocean. I guess this is an alternate universe where they haven’t invented maps?


Um, Hina, pretty sure that’s called “not following orders.”

Looks like next week will be Aoba and Hina surviving in a cave on a deserted island while they wait out the storm. Aoba catches Hina bathing, she hides her naked body with one hand while she points a gun at him with another. Aoba shares his coat with Hina while her clothes dry and they sit by the fire. *doki doki* Dio and ERU-ERUFU find them together and both enter a jealous rage, they escape with their robots while firing on each other to their respective sides. We’ll see how right I am, feels like I’ve seen this enough to be pretty confident though.

2 thoughts on “Buddy Complex 07 — Aoba, I Choo-Choo-Choose You!

  1. Aoba catches Hina bathing?

    Lol, is that from Code Geass? but code geass and buddy complex has completely different staff working on it…so most likely the output won’t be as your predicted

    1. Happened in Code Geass, happened in Gundam SEED, happened in Muv-Luv, pretty sure it happened in a bunch of others I’m forgetting too.

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