Buddy Complex 08 — Aoba Cheats on Dio with Hina


Oh Aoba you player. As soon as Dio is out of the picture you have a lady wrapped around your arm. Then when Dio calls you on the telephone, you pretend you’re having some interference, hang up on him, then hide your mistress when the husband comes home.


This episode was exactly as expected— Hina pulls a gun on Aoba, then they build a fire in a cave and strip together, Hina eventually lets down her guard and falls in love with Aoba after he saves her.


Aoba doesn’t do anything— except force open Hina’s “cockpit” while she’s sleeping.


The digging scene was unbelievable corny. Hina passes out due to lack of oxygen, but Aoba is perfectly fine? Aoba may be from the future and have the perfect waveform for gay compatibility, but I’m pretty sure he needs to breathe oxygen too. Then again, maybe not, his brain seems to function at lower levels than normal humans, maybe it needs less oxygen.

We also learn the principle behind the buddy system:



Pretty sure we already knew that though.

Now Hina’s back with Zogilia, eventually they will realize that war is pointless and join together to form Celestial Being and fight the war to end all wars.

12 thoughts on “Buddy Complex 08 — Aoba Cheats on Dio with Hina

  1. Over a decade of shoveling out anti-war mecha shows and still the best way Sunrise can think to bring enemies together is to strand them on a beach–but only if the pilots are the opposite genders.

    What’s up with these military women not being able to at least match a high school athlete from the past? First pinky from the bridge can’t pull herself up and now Hina’s up and passing out. But the first officer lady looks like she could just about kick everyone’s ass.

      1. Seriously. It is quite the obsession. Like even the badass killer assassin girl in Nisekoi needs a man to give her piggy-back rides. Come on. At least choose one of super strong and pathetically weak.

    1. Maybe now they are more like cyber warriors, more than physical skills you need to be good at playing video games to be a powerful warrior.

      I’d love to see stranded male enemies stranded on the beach together and getting a cave scene~

      1. They still need to be able to survive and be productive members of the crew when your airship is on fire and you need to deal with debris. Hina should at least be conditioned to deal with air loss–she flies around at high altitudes in a cramped mech cockpit for hours on end. Of course, this is a world where they let film crews come aboard their ship, take video of their ultimate weapon, and made sure that a few of the female crewmen were chilling out in swimsuits for the photo op. Because shots of the military just hanging out by the pool in the middle of a war is good for morale, I guess.

        Damn this show is stupid. At least there’s plenty of explosions, most of the time.

        1. Yeah, there is no reason they should be so physically incapable. But then again, this is the military that recruited a high school boy who claims he’s a time traveler from the past into piloting their top secret prototype weapon, so…

          1. Yeah. Amazingly enough, the armies of Buddy Complex are unbelievably competent compared to their peers in Toaru Hikuushi.

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