Buddy Complex — First Impressions


Another Sunrise mecha show. Sweet! Reminds me a bit of Valvrave but sadly not quite as dumb. Instead of space vampire nazi communists from the Vatican, this time we have time travel.

Some of my favorite moments from the first episode:

  • Once the girl is revealed to be a mecha pilot from the future: “May I ask something?” “What?” “Everything.” “Okay.”
  • Same girl: “I’d never even dreamed of you sitting next to me.” wwww
  • Same: “Just forget about the fact that some people came here from the future.” lololol
  • Self-destruct with five minute countdown? Ahahaha what a terrible design.
  • “Aoba, put your faith in me!” “Okay.” *Blush* “You’re quick to put your faith in people…” wwwww
  • “Nice Coupling”, spoken and written in English at the end… oh God.


I’m very excited about this. It’s no Valvrave but I think it should still be very entertaining.

5 thoughts on “Buddy Complex — First Impressions

  1. Don’t worry, Aoba, when I was in high school I too wished that one of the cute girls would start acting all flighty around me and then turn out to be a mech pilot sent from the future to protect me for some inexplicable reason. I take comfort in the fact that at least one of us had his wish fulfilled.

    Can’t say the time travel stuff made any sense whatsoever, but I saw mech battles, capital ships, military uniforms, and a healthy amount of characters in the OP, so I’m along for the ride.

    All the dialogue you noted on was near-Valvrave levels of awesome ridiculous, though the series did miss one of the greatest opportunities in the world by not having the girl tell Aoba to “come with me if you want to live” when she showed up riding a motorcyle.

    1. Lol if she had said that it would have been genius.

      We don’t really know much about what’s going on with the time travel yet so I’m not worried that it doesn’t make sense at the moment. Not that I’d really mind if it never made sent.

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