Busou Shinki — First Impression

A harem of subservient little girls go around idolizing their master.

Busou Shinki is our latest entry in teenage male wish fulfillment. Our male lead has found a harem of ideal girlfriends: ones whose only maintenance costs involve swapping in new body parts before a battle.

After I just got through watching K, the contrast in the animation is really jarring. This one’s pretty ugly.

I don’t think I’m going to have the patience to put up with this. Dropped.

8 thoughts on “Busou Shinki — First Impression

    1. Seriously. If you’re going to make scantily clad dolls for people to jack off to, at least make them anatomically correct.

  1. “A harem of subservient little girls go around idolizing their master.” This is so blatant that I find myself taking some kind of sick liking to it. Also, I seriously like most things involving dolls. So I had already dropped this series but changed my mind and will watch at least ep. 2 as well. Alas, there is already Onii-chan dakedo which should be enough of guilty pleasure for this season!

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