C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 03 — Parents

This episode showed us more of Kimimaro’s family history. It turns out his father was also involved in the financial district, and died because he became bankrupt. His mother also passed away, leaving him to become the person hyper-concerned with money he did become. We’re also introduced to an International Monetary Fund employee investigating the financial district.

First of all, let’s give credit where it’s due: we have a show featuring the IMF. I think this beats out Stein’s Gate’s use of CERN as the secret evil organization. The IMF agent’s boss seems to be sending some rather loud double agent signals, but let’s hope things aren’t quite that obvious.

The financial district is starting to make a bit more sense, as it’s revealed that there are multiple financial districts in different countries, which I suppose explains why they mint Yen there. Also, it turns out that a battle doesn’t always end with someone going bankrupt, which answers my question from the last episode about how they have any entrepreneurs left.  It’s still unclear though how a battle can end aside from bankruptcy.

As far as the direction Kimimaro’s history is taking, it’s a bit too stereotypical for me. Father dies, mother passes away, boy hates father. The only way they could make it worse is have it turn out that Souichiro (the old guy) is actually his father. I’m actually kind of guessing that will happen though. The old man is quite sympathetic to the boy’s father. Their assets obviously have some sort of connection. And you lose your future, not your life by going bankrupt. Perhaps by losing his future he lost his family. Still, hopefully they will surprise me and do something less predictable.

What this show really needs now is some development of the two assets, and not more development of the main character. I actually liked the main character in the first episode, but I feel that somehow the extra focus on him in the last two episodes has only backfired and made him feel less real.

2 thoughts on “C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 03 — Parents

  1. Well they did show a picture of his father and they don’t look that similar.
    And wouldn’t his father be older than Souichiro by now?

    On the other hand if they actually pull that stunt I’d feel really fooled.

    1. Yeah, probably not, but somehow in Star Driver they managed to make Head be Takuto’s father, so you never know. 🙂

      I would guess is that Souichiro is probably old enough to be his father though. Even if he’s not the father, maybe he used to be friends with the father or something, since he is oddly sympathetic to the father.

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