C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 05 — Paying the National Debt

The fights in C continue to be excellent. I was glad that Kimimaro didn’t become suddenly great at fighting since last week, but actually lost his fight this time due to not talking to Mashu. Really, I’m not sure why he doesn’t talk to her more. It seems like she would know a lot more about the financial district than him. And she’s even complaining that he doesn’t ask her. Seems like a perfect opportunity. Mashu is the weakest character of the show right now, and needs either some backstory  or more of a personality. She also needs some cool power like everyone else seems to have.

The revelations about Souichiro and the financial district continue coming in— he uses the guild money to bail out the Japanese government and buy the pharmaceutical company that failed due to a loss in the financial district. Later in the episode, Souichiro says it’s obvious that the world requires the influx of Midas money and Kimimaro agrees with him— but why do they need the Midas money? This isn’t obvious to me at all. If they’re just getting more money into the financial system by getting Midas money, couldn’t they achieve exactly the same effect by printing the same amount of normal money? There must be something about the Midas money which they aren’t telling us. Based on the name of Midas money, I’m wondering if it has some ability to make the people who touch it crave even more money. Perhaps people would be less motivated without it (although it’s unclear if this is actually a bad thing).

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