C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 08 — So Long Singapore

The pace is starting to pick up, and this was probably one of the best episodes of C so far. There’s lots going on: Kimimaro’s teacher tries to commit suicide, Japan is decaying, something’s going on with Hanabi (the purple haired girl we haven’t seen since the first episode), Kimimaro burns all his Midas money, and Singapore’s about to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

I’ve been complaining for a while now that Mashu and Kimimaro are the two most boring characters in the show. Kimimaro’s still is usual self, but it seems that things will get more interesting with Mashu shortly. She seems to be related to Kimimaro’s father’s past, and is probably Kimimaro’s sister. Hopefully we won’t get the siscon end. I’m guessing that Souichiro’s asset, similarly, is that girl in the hospital. Perhaps the assets are the futures that are being bet, the futures that could have been.

The biggest flaw of this series is still that none of the econbabble makes any sense. The actual workings of the financial districts remain a black box (i.e., why do they run out of money?) and I doubt that this will be addressed at all. Furthermore, all the philosophical debates about “future” vs “present” are rather silly and pointless in my opinion. I really hope that the ending of this show doesn’t have Kimimaro and Mashu shouting “I believe in the future!” and destroying the financial district with the power of trust. I’m concerned because I can actually picture this happening.

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  1. The thing that frustrates me about this show is how goddamn useless the main protagonist is. I liked the fights, too, but he’s not doing *anything*. This might be a common trend- We’re getting more and more characters who have the story happen around them rather than to them- but it’s not any less annoying. By Episode Nine, Yoga has spent the last THREE EPISODES doing, well, jack shit.

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