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Draggle’s Asian Journey Part III: Singapore

After Taiwan and Hong Kong, the next stop was Singapore.


This is the second time I’ve been to Singapore. To be honest… Singapore isn’t that great.  Basically, the entire city is a giant shopping mall. With the most miserable climate imaginable. The only reason I came back is because I have a ton of friends who live there that I wanted to visit. I probably stayed too long though, one of my friends wasn’t even in town. Continue reading

Draggle’s Asian Journey Part II: Taiwan

Sorry, got distracted from this series of posts with the new season… For those who have forgotten, I was continuing from my trip to Hong Kong.

After Hong Kong I flew to Taiwan and met the friend I’d be spending the rest of the trip with in the airport. I’d been to Taiwan before two years ago, but he never had. Originally I had no intention of planning to go to Taiwan on this trip, but some of my friends from Taiwan invited me so I figured why not.

We got there late so we took a taxi to the hotel and went to sleep.

Tourist Crap


On the first morning, we took a bus to the National Palace Museum. I’d gone there last time but it had been closed for some reason so we’d had to go to the Aborigines museum instead. The National Palace Museum is essentially all the artifacts the Nationalists looted from the mainland as they fled. A lot of pots and calligraphy which I couldn’t read and couldn’t really appreciate. The museum was filled with obnoxious mainlander tourists. Seriously, they were obnoxious. Continue reading

What Should I Blog Next? (Fall 2014)

Already doing Psycho Pass and Sword Art Online. What else should I pick up?

What should I blog next? (Pick up to three.)

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How to Understand Anime (Or Anything Else): Bible Study

I received an excellent question on today. (FYI, I have an, feel free to ask me questions anonymously. Usually people ask me dumb shit about tickling so don’t feel bad about asking something stupid, it’s not like it’s possible to lower the level of discourse.) I ran out of space to answer this one great question I received on so I am answering it here.

Question: How can we go about getting better at understanding the themes and ideas anime or anything else can offer? I read your blog, and you’re really good with this analysis stuff.

Why, thank you! *blushes*

The answer is bible study. Bible study is the best way to better understand the themes and ideas anime can offer.

Yes, I realize this may sound ridiculous at first glance. And I admit that my perspective is probably unusual as far as anime bloggers go. But hear me out. Continue reading