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Sword Art Online II 12 — Kirito and Death Gun Compare Swords

Kirito and Sinon waited in the cave for their enemies to come. Kirito had just stepped out so the satellite could see him, to lure the enemies to his position.

Kirito was worried. “Death Gun has already killed a lot of people… can we beat him?”


“Then he’s sure to get the ‘max kills’ award… There’s nothing we can do about it.” Continue reading

Sword Art Online II 09 — Death Gun Chases Tail

This is part 26 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

Kirito’s wife and daughter sat on a couch in ALO, watching video feeds of a tournament in a different video game.

“I wonder why Kirito hasn’t shown up yet…” asked Asuna. “I thought he would have killed everyone by now and won the tournament. He’s a beater, after all.”


Yui laughed. “Daddy would strike the enemy from behind so quickly, there’d be no time for him to show up on camera!” Continue reading

Sword Art Online II 08 — Sinon Claims Kirito’s Sword

This is part 25 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

It was time for the Bullet of Bullets final round. It would all be decided by a 30-way battle royale with random initial placements. Surely the fairest way to determine players’ individual skills.

Kirito and Sinon went to register for the final round together.


“Hey Sinon… I’ve been wondering… Has anyone ever mentioned to you that your pants don’t fit?”

“Wh-what?!! Where have you been looking, Kirito-kun?!”

Sinon took a peek at Kirito’s sword. It was large and firm, as always. Continue reading