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Sword Art Online II 02 — Sinon’s PK ASSistance

This is part 19 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

A group of bandits rested among the cliffs. They discussed their latest plan to ambush and kill some of their fellow players.

“Boss, I’m worried. Are you sure they didn’t come up with countermeasures after we killed them in the same place last week?”

“Don’t worry. We have Sinon, the best sniper in GGO.”

“And also the best ass,” interjected Sinon. “Don’t forget that.”


“I didn’t. Hey, Sinon, if you’re free after this, we could go visit the ammo store and we could go hang out afterward…” suggested the first bandit. Continue reading

Sword Art Online II 01 — Kirito vs. Dessert

This is part 18 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

An entire year had passed. A year since Kirito had freed Asuna from King Oberon in an epic dance battle that would be remembered down through the ages, and then chopped King Oberon up into tiny pieces while using cheat codes to maximize Oberon’s pain. Then he’d stabbed the evil King in the parking lot for good measure.

Since then, life had been good. Kirito had regular sword practice sessions with Asuna (she still couldn’t get over how massive his sword was) and stole peeks at Imouto’s fine behind while she did his laundry for him. But lately his ideal life had started to get old. Kirito was a hero, and heroes needed adventure.

sword_art_online_II_01_7 Continue reading

SAO Fanfiction Featured in Ani-Divided Podcast


Yesterday, my SAO fanfiction (the first chapter) was given an excellent dramatic reading by Syy for the Ani-Divided live podcast. Check it out!

Hearing it read aloud is even better than reading it. Perhaps what this needs is an audiobook version… Thanks to Syy for reading the story and telling me about it! I apologize to those on the podcast for whom I ruined SAO, although I prefer to think of it as an improvement.

Sword Art Online Extra Edition — SAO Yaoi Hentai

This is part 17 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

Several weeks had passed Kirito rescued Asuna from the fairy kingdom’s den of iniquity, where she was tentacle raped and licked and all other sorts of atrocities laid upon her pure, nubile body by the mad King Oberon. In case the reader has forgotten, King Oberon fell to Kirito in a heroic dance battle, and Kirito then courageously received administrative powers from the hand of a mad scientist’s ghost, and used them to torture the defenseless Oberon, making him suffer as much as any man could suffer. Kirito proved once and for all that he was a true hero, a hero to be reckoned with, and that justice would always prevail as long as his sword stood straight and true in the realm of video games.


Now Kirito and Imouto galloped to school on Kirito’s mighty motorcycle. They could have walked (it was only a few blocks) but a motorcycle was the only vehicle fit for a hero. Kirito had named it after himself, “Stud”. It was black, the color of heroes, and Kirito loved the feel of his pelvis grinding into the hard seat, and the contrast of the soft voluptuousness of his younger sister’s flesh pushing into him from behind. This was actually a disappointment to Kirito, however, and he wished he were back in Alfheim Online, where his sister’s breasts were several orders of magnitude larger. Plus, Kirito had decided, the real world’s coefficient of restitution for human flesh was too low. After seeing his sister’s bounce while she flew through the sky, Kirito knew for sure that the virtual world was superior to the “real” world. He wished he was a GM so he could fix things. But she was still his Imouto, and thus Kirito would swing his sword at her side in love no matter what form her body took. Continue reading

Sword Art Online 25 — Replaying the Game (NSFW Hentai)

This is part 16 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

After he defeated Sugou and freed Asuna, Kirito rushed to the hospital to check on her. In the parking lot, he was interrupted by the cackles of a madman.

“Hello, Kirito,” Sugou greeted him. “Our battle isn’t over yet! Prepare to die!”


Sugou rushed at Kirito with a knife. But Kirito’s swordmanship skill was far higher, so Kirito disarmed him with ease and based his head in against a van. Continue reading