Ano Hana 11 — Making Jinta Cry

In an unexpected twist, it turns out that Menma's wish was to make Jinta cry. I didn't see that one coming. What a mean bully! (she's so cute though, so we'll forgive her!) This last episode wasn't quite as strong as the previous one, but that's a difficult standard to match.┬áIt was a … Continue reading

Ano Hana 10 — Tamaya!

This episode was quite the tear jerker, and by far the strongest episode of Ano Hana yet. It makes you cry, but it's not the kind of thing where there are a couple especially sad moments: the creators took their time to wring out every last tear from every single character and pile all the … Continue reading

Ano Hana 08 — Haunted Clubhouse

Another storm of emotions in this episode. Ano Hana is doing a great job at keeping things interesting and turbulent. This episode had (at least) five touching moments. It started with Menma's mother's break down. Then Anaru made a teary confession, both of how she likes Jinta and how she feels … Continue reading

Ano Hana 07 — Sensitivity Issues

Jinta, you jerk! Way to rub it in for poor little ghost girls! As Menma points out, though, Jinta actually is pretty cool. He still hasn't been able to return to school, sure, but that doesn't mean he stays cooped up in his room all day. He isn't as ridiculously hopeless as Welcome to … Continue reading