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Xenoblade Chronicles X — When Will it End


Xenogears is one of my favorite games ever. Crazy religious conspiracy theories, mecha, reincarnation… what more could anyone want? So I was pretty excited about Xenoblade Chronicles X. I probably shouldn’t have been, seeing as how I had played Xenoblade Chronicles before.

Both games have barely anything in common with Xenogears. The gameplay is essentially an offline MMO— you have a limited number of abilities, they all have cooldown times, you trigger them at the right moment.

I spent 100 hours on this game.

It was not time well spent. You have to spend a ton of time grinding. And the combat system isn’t much fun. To make things worse, most of the quests are in the form of “Gather X Items / Kill N Monsters”. Continue reading Xenoblade Chronicles X — When Will it End

I Finally Found a Visual Novel that’s Better than Mushoku Tensei

It’s me, draggle, here with my latest excuse for failing miserably at anime blogging.

As you all could probably guess, I like anime. Like many in our circles, I also enjoy Japanese RPGS and manga. But I think light novels are dumb. And I don’t even care enough about figures or cosplay to bother insulting them. And visual novels… my god. What an atrocity. A crime against humanity?

I’ve tried to enjoy visual novels. Probably my first gentle introduction was Utawarerumono. Yes, it’s kind of an SRPG / visual novel hybrid so maybe it doesn’t count. That’s probably the only reason I managed to finish it. It certainly didn’t help my opinion of visual novels that I didn’t realize it was 18+ (I only downloaded it because I had enjoyed the anime without really researching it at all) and my roommate walked in right as the first sex scene started and my computer crashed. Awkward. Continue reading I Finally Found a Visual Novel that’s Better than Mushoku Tensei

Tales of Tales Games


My latest excuse for not updating my blog is that I was busy playing Tales of Zestiria. Since I’m sure everyone cares let me tell you all about my impeccable taste in Tales games.

My Impeccable Taste in Tales Games

All Tales games are pretty much the same. You are a hero with a big sword. You swing the sword to kill monsters and save the world along with your friends. You defeat the final boss with the power of FRIENDSHIP (and level grinding). Continue reading Tales of Tales Games

Shipping Emblem: Awakening


I normally don’t write about video games, but I’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening for the past month and finally finished it today so I figured I’d say something. The game is simultaneously a shipper’s dream come true and a shipper’s worst nightmare. If you have characters fight together (“Support”, if you’re familiar with other Fire Emblem games) you can get them to befriend each other and even marry and have children. The hardest part of the game is choosing who to ship with who. Continue reading Shipping Emblem: Awakening