Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Review — A

I rewatched Code Geass for the sixth time. You’d think by now I would have gotten bored with it, since I know everything that’s going to happen already. But no, it was awesome. I was jumping up and down the entire time, grinning like a lunatic.

The main thing that makes Code Geass awesome is Lelouch. Where the harem genre serves for perverts, and the fantasy genre stands for little boys, Code Geass takes its place for nerds: as the epitome of wish fulfillment. Who doesn’t want to use their brain to make the world crumble before them? And Lelouch certainly delivers: his strategies never cease to surprise us.

Another thing I hated originally, but have come to appreciate with this rewatching, is Suzaku. Suzaku is a turd. He is probably the character I despise most in all of anime, the pinnacle of hypocrisy. But he is a good character, whom I love to hate.

The side cast is equally enjoyable to watch. Diethard and Lloyd in particular get two thumbs up from me. CC is fun to watch as well.

The main thing that makes Code Geass so enjoyable, though, is just how exciting it all is. This is the only show I’ve ever seen that will leave me jumping up and down in excitement on the sixth rewatch. Lelouch looks like he’s about to lose, and then causes a mudslide, creates a tidal wave, or wipes out a city from out of nowhere. And then a flourish of his cape and his evil laugh… aaahhhh….

I will say, though, I hated the constant cliffhangers when it was airing. When you don’t have to wait for the next episode, it’s great though. This show should be on my list of favorite anime, although I neglected it when I wrote the list.

  • Plot / Script – A – Exciting and full of surprises.
  • Characters – A – I love Lelouch and despise Suzaku, they’re great characters.
  • Production – B – Not really remarkable or anything, but solid.
  • Overall – A

Recommendations – Eden of the East, Spice and Wolf, Legend of Legendary Heroes

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35 thoughts on “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Review — A

        1. Oh, I didn’t even know they had the same cast. But yeah, I mentioned it because the C.C. and Lelouch / Horo and Lawrence relationships are so similar.

  1. Code Geass, the classic for anyone who’s played chess and dreamed of one day using their stunning pawn to B5 skills to conquer the world. But, what stands out to me, is the plot, it takes at least 5 major plot turns that totally turns the story on its head makes me crazed for more (even when I know what’ll happen next).

    1. Yeah, all the twists are so much fun. That one with Euphemia especially…! Not to mention all the traps! Even on the sixth time through all the twists and turns were fun to watch.

        1. Ah, right, that was the second season though. My favorite twist there was when everyone put the Zero costume on. So much fun.

  2. Code Geass is certainly one of the best anime I’ve seen so far…
    the first time I watched this, it gave me the idea of Death Note meets Gundam. Lelouch being somehow similar to Light when it comes to being strategic and thinking of things well through and always ahead of others and Gundam ’cause there are Knightmares and given the war setting.. XD

    1. It’s similar, but for some reason I could never really get into Death Note. I think the main issue is that I was hoping Light would fail. What Light was doing was downright evil. I mean, sure, Lelouch kills a ton of people too, but there’s never any doubt that he has good intentions, at least. Light just murders people, plain and simple.

      1. i guess that’s a pretty good point. their main difference is their reason for killing… while Light kills for his so-called ‘righteousness’, Lelouch kills for Nunnally..

  3. Code Geass is one of those series that everybody loves, but with good reason at least! I had to buy this series on DVD because as you mentioned, it is still great with every rewatch! I watched the first season with my sister a long time ago and she made me learn to appreciate Suzaku more, but I agree that I still love to hate him, too. My least favourite character is probably Nina though. I just hate her 😛

      1. Yeah, that was fun. 🙂

        She does manage to redeem herself a bit in the second season, too.

        And the table humping scene. Nunally has reason to be grateful she’s blind.

    1. Nina’s a bitch. I personally hate Suzaku more though. He’s a hypocrite. Nina is a jerk, but not a hypocritical one.

  4. Yo draggle, what makes Suzaku a hypocrite again? I haven’t seen R1 in a while, so I don’t really remember much about him, other than that he’s idealistic to the point of delusion, selfish in a way & loathes himself greatly.

    1. How he thinks he’s so good and complains about Lelouch breaking the law or whatever when he’s the one who made the Japanese slaves in the first place by assassinating his own father.

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