Cross Ange 07 — Battle of the Bath


The captain is angry that Ange keeps killing all the D.R.A.G.O.N.S. and her team can’t afford dinner. She goes to ask her boss to take away Ange’s machine.


The boss tells her to deal with it.


She also learns that Ange was alone with a man and is utterly scandalized. She blushes.


Ange’s squadmates all long for the good old days when the captain used to maintain order by raping them.


Ange goes to buy her maid some new underwear.


She walks in on the Captain relieving her stress through Sailor Moon cosplay.

The Captain didn’t want anyone to know about this.


So she attempts to murder Ange in the bath.


Ange somehow flips the captain over her head into the bath while simultaneously taking her shirt off.


They wrestle in the bath and grab each other’s breasts.

Afterwards, they get in trouble. Ange gets sick from spending too long in the bath. She takes an unpaid vacation.


Everyone’s happy Ange’s gone.  “It seems the squad morale is back to normal now that Ange’s gone,” says the Captain, while we see three of her squadmates making out. Just some typical morale boosting activities.

The team’s deployed to fight the D.R.A.G.O.N.S. again.


Momoka stops Ange from going to fight. Of course, Ange isn’t wearing pants.


They find a new type of D.R.A.G.O.N.


It’s a “virgin.” They make lots of terrible jokes about virgins.


It kicks the squad’s ass.


Fortunately Ange came even though she’s sick. She tries to fight the monster by herself.


But she’s not feeling well so she listens to the captain when she yells at her.


Ange flies above the monster and dropkicks it from the sky, while half asleep, knocking off its horn and saving her team.


Ange saved all their lives but doesn’t make much money because she only took off its horn. Everyone except Red agrees to stop trying to murder Ange… at least during combat.


The team celebrates their victory the only way they know how— by molesting each other in the bath. True friendship.


Well… that was… something. Cross Ange is certainly shameless. Not that that’s a surprise at this point.

Honestly, I rather liked this episode. It looks like we’re finally done with Ange being a bitch, and moving on to things happening in the outside world. From now on at least that aspect of the show should be less frustrating. Although I had thought we moved past that point several times already…

Also, Captain is best girl and this episode was all about her. Well, okay, she’s not that great, but I have to pick somebody in this show and pretend to like them so I can get through watching it. If I went with my natural instincts and just hoped they’d all get eaten by D.R.A.G.O.N.S. it would be too depressing to watch. And Purple is the only one in this show who hasn’t been a complete asshole so far. (Well, I guess Red and Pink too, but they’re a loli and an older sister type so they lose points for that.) Also Purple looks good in glasses.

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