Cross Ange — First Impressions


The princess becomes an outcast.

Actually… I quite liked this episode, overall.  Say what you will about Sunrise, you can rarely accuse their anime of being boring. Sure, it’s similar to their previous anime (who at Sunrise has the fetish for wheelchair imoutos?) but it has enough differences to distinguish it from their previous mecha works. Much of it is so ridiculous and over the top as to approach parody (although not as far as Valvrave) but it’s presented with such earnestness that you can’t but help to take it seriously anyway.

It’s interesting to trace my thoughts as I watched this episode. We see the princess being a total asshole, kidnapping some woman’s baby and then self-righteously lecturing her about it. All this time I’m thinking, “Damn, I hope she gets her righteous come-uppance!”

Then the princess is revealed to be of the same hated group as the baby she just kidnapped, and I’m thinking “Haha! Serves you right!” as the woman whose baby laughs maniacally at the television screen. Then I started to feel a bit guilty. “Well, two wrongs don’t make a right…”

And then she’s in the dungeon, being recruited as a soldier. The non-Norma lady is about to punish her, and the Norma intervenes, I imagined to save her. Then the princess denies being a Norma, and gets a kick to the stomach. “Woot, she deserved that one!”


Then the Norma knifes the princess’ shirt open. “Yay, boobs!”

And then the princess is anally raped. Graphically.



“Shit, I am a terrible person.”

Thanks to theskylion for starting me on this train of thought.

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