Cross Ange Review — C


Lesbian assholes save the world.

Cross Ange is one of the worst anime I have ever watched. It is absolutely horrible. Read any of my many posts about it (or just look at the above picture) to see.

But— it is not boring. It never failed to surprise or entertain me.

Just keep in mind when watching that it’s terrible and no decent human being should ever act like any of the characters in this show. (Which is part of what I liked about the show, actually. In so many anime, all the characters are really nice people, most of the conflict just comes from some sort of failure to communicate. But in Cross Ange, everyone, even the good guys, are complete assholes.)

  • Storytelling – C – Great shock value in the Sunrise tradition.
  • Voice – C – Nothing quite like it… which is probably a good thing.
  • Characters – B – Such horrible people. I love it.
  • Attention Grab – B – Did not bore me!
  • Production – C – Looks fine.
  • Overall – C

Recommendations – Valvrave, High School DxD

9 thoughts on “Cross Ange Review — C

  1. “Lesbian assholes save the world.”

    Not to be nitpicky or anything… but those lesbian assholes didn’t just save the world. Those lesbian assholes saved the multiverse from a giant pervert who wanted to breed the perfect human race BY HIMSELF… and with the help of a personal harem, of course.

    What a stupid series…

    1. Series was fun to watch tho.

      Come on he never planned on having a harem, just Ange. The rest were meant for bigger and greater things like being a forced 5 second suicidal distraction.

      1. Yeah, this series had its fun moments… which were also absurd. Sometimes I was even like “Okay, you’ve gone THAT far with that one thing, so why not go further with this other thing?”. Then again, this is a series of nearly unbelievable creative decisions. There was this thing on Neogaf someone mentioned to me on my blog where someone translated some tweets of the creative producer of the show ( and this was about how Momoka and Tusk had survived their “death-scenes” from the 21st episode. And in the 22nd episode both re-appear with Momoka explaining that a pan saved her but it was never explained how Tusk survived. Well, apparently this creative producer thought it prudent to put this stuff into the preview where it was turned into a little, bland joke. That’s all you need to know about the production of this anime.

        “Come on he never planned on having a harem, just Ange. The rest were meant for bigger and greater things like being a forced 5 second suicidal distraction.”

        And it’s even crazier that he was ready to settle for that when his ambition had been to create a new human race ^^ …

  2. the real world doesn’t gives a damn about lesbians or Cross ange universe because the entire concept is stupid and very weak.

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