Date A Live S2 — First Impressions


Date! Date! Date! Date!


Pretty much the same as the first season. In that it’s great except when the focus is on Tohka or the loli. Please just kill off Tohka already so we can spend more time on Origimi, Imouto and the crazy girl.

Origami did get some good parts in this episode at least. 🙂 But still, way too much Tohka.

8 thoughts on “Date A Live S2 — First Impressions

  1. Oh, you hate Tohka that much?
    I think her soap opera story is pretty good.
    When the guy said that “It’s my fault you become like this”
    I giggled, “No, it’s the soap opera”

    1. The soap opera story was pretty good. But only because he got to plot his escape with Origami. 🙂 I was hoping Tohka’s imagination was correct.

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