Dog Days 03

This episode took a step back from the non-stop action of the first two episodes to better explain the world and introduce more of the supporting characters. It wasn’t quite as crazy and fast-paced as the first two episodes, but definitely did have its good moments. You can tell that the creators are really having a lot of fun making this. The entire world is centered around enormous games of capture the flag with explosions and ninja obstacle courses.The characters are just fun to watch— this has to be one of the shows with the smallest amounts of angst I’ve ever watched.

The part where the dog showed the summoning circle was hilarious. Always read the fine print! Who would have thought that a show involving giant explosions and a war between cats and dogs would be making fun of software EULAs…

We also learn about the economics of war. To be honest, I’m surprised they even bothered explaining it (who wouldn’t want to fight in these “wars”?) but it was amusing nonetheless.

I’m loving our resident mad scientist as well. Almost making me wish I had a tail so I could be this enthusiastic. Speaking of the anthropomorphism of dogs and cats but only tangentially related, I’d like to mention this one verse from the fabulous translation of Ecclesiastes by the LOLCat Bible Translation Project:

I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

— Ecclesiastes 1:14, NIV

Teechurcat haz see lolrus n cheezburgerz n longcatz n awl dat is st00pidz, lyke chasing aftur tail. Nevr can catch teh tayle and even whn yu doo it hrtz srsly.

— Ecclesiastes 1:14, LOLCat Bible

Chasing after wind —> chasing after tail is perhaps even an improvement over the original. Anyway, regarding tails: I approve.

The episode ends with the princess being kidnapped by a very formidable looking ninja.  It looks like we’re in for another battle in the next episode. 🙂

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