Dog Days 07 — Fetch

I’m starting to lose hope for Dog Days. It seems set to be a classic case of a show having a great start, only to abandon everything which made it great to focus on things no one cares about, like love and friendship. Where are my explosions and pole fights?!!

The best parts of this episode were literally the princess and Shinku playing catch, and Shinku’s and Gaul’s chocobos making out with each other.

Aside from the hot chocobo action, we also get to see Shinku and the princess go on a date. They ride together on the chocobo, hold hands, frolic in a field of flowers, Shinku pats the princess’ head, they promise to see each other again, and they talk about their wedding rings. I don’t care about their budding romance: where are my explosions?!

The rest of the episode is concerned with nerve-wracking, high stakes politics: the next battle will be truly high risk, as each country puts their sacred weapons on the line for a two month loan. Please just get to the battle next time – it is impossible for me to worry that something bad will happen given this show’s premise, so stop trying to make me worry and just focus on making me laugh, which was completely neglected this episode.

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