Dog Days 10 — Hop on the Hero Express

SPOILER ALERT: nobody dies. Not that anyone will be surprised by this.

Dog days went from being a fun and ridiculous show to a tearjerker about saving the baby animals. Or something. The creators have basically abandoned everything that made the first episodes so much fun: the pure ridiculousness, sense of humor, and straightforwardness, in order to introduce some cheap drama about changing the future and stopping the demonic sword. Why couldn’t they have been satisfied with just continuing to be funny? So many other comedies do the exact same thing that I shouldn’t even be surprised anymore, but it’s always a disappointment to see an otherwise fun show infected by seriousness. It’s a disease, I say.

I honestly don’t think there was a single time I laughed during this entire episode. I guess that Leo’s ridiculous arrow shot was somewhat amusing? (I’m reaching here.) The Princess’s clothes once again mysteriously went *poof*, but it wasn’t particularly funny… more of an “oh”, this again reaction. It seems that the next episode will be fighting against the final boss, so I’m not expecting much more humor for the remainder of this season either. It’s too bad, I really did enjoy the first few episodes.

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