Dog Days 2 — First Impression

Eclair Dog Days is back! This will definitely be the best show of 2012.

Ok, now seriously, so far this seems much like the first season. Stupid, overly cheerful and lots of fun. To do better than the first season, this show needs to do one essential thing: stop wasting so much time on pleasantries and politeness. To an extent it’s nice: it makes for a very respectful and friendly show. But it gets boring real fast.

I might picspam Eclair blog this depending on the rest of my schedule and my mood next week. We’ll see. Last time when I tried to it really did just turn into a picspamming session. That’s not to imply that anyone could possibly object to pictures of Eclair, of course.

12 thoughts on “Dog Days 2 — First Impression

      1. can you please do a review for episode 2? there is some big scence there that will suprise you.somthing that you was never expected for dog days to do

        1. Becky? I guess it was different. I’m not going to blog this show, since I’m not going to have much to say, as I found out from blogging the first season. I do plan to make an Eclair screendump post at the end of the season though. 🙂

          1. @draggle but there is few things to say about the second episode in review for example becky and the fight between nanami and shinku so can you do only the second episode with picture from nanami and shinku battle?

  1. @draggle so please do a review on episode 2 becouse this big scence will leave you in shock this was never been in dog days and you will not expected from them to do this

    1. What they kiss?! Still haven’t watched it yet. Damn I might have to. I will definitely do a post when the series ends on all of the glorious Eclair moments though.

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