Dorei-ku The Animation Review — F

People play games. The loser becomes the winner’s slave.

The anime about modern day slavery is complete trash. Who could have ever guessed? And I don’t mean “trash” in a good way.

Why in the world did I watch this?

  • Storytelling – F – Awful.
  • Voice – F – Trash.
  • Characters – F – Scum.
  • Attention Grab – F – Boring.
  • Production – D – Seen worse.
  • Overall – F


2 thoughts on “Dorei-ku The Animation Review — F

  1. >implying the dog wasn’t the best character of the season

    >implying seven simultaneous retainer insertions wasn’t the hype scene of the season

    >implying characters coming out of nowhere to amass more slaves wasn’t 10/10 plotting

    >implying that the little boy and his slave prostitute weren’t the couple of the season

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