Dusk Maiden of Amneisa — First Impression

A good first episode. I liked the way they didn’t show Yuuko until the second half of the episode, and we just got to see Okonogi’s reactions. I really like the voice actor they picked for her, by the way. Exactly as I imagined her sounding.

I’ve read the manga for this (yes… it seems like I read a lot of manga, but I don’t, just everything I read seems to be getting animated this season) and to be honest, it’s not all that great. So I don’t have very high expectations for this show. It’s basically a harem where one member is a ghost. There’s some mystery, but it’s just been dragging on and and on forever and isn’t all that interesting either.

On the bright side, they’ve started the anime pretty far into the middle of the manga, so hopefully it will feel like it’s going by faster.

And this was a very solid start. But I don’t see how it’s going to stay this interesting throughout given the source material. They used a trick this episode, which worked out great, but it’s not one they can keep milking.

6 thoughts on “Dusk Maiden of Amneisa — First Impression

  1. Yeah it started pretty fun and that momoe character was funny, but towards the end I sorta lost interest.

    I haven’t read the manga though…is it interesting? I’ve read more reviews and a lot of them have read it.

  2. The trick was nice but the ghost is just… not cute enough for my taste. Most likely I will drop this show after the next ep. except the ghost decides to significantly shorten her skirt 🙂 I don’t like the character designs that much and the blond girl was pretty annoying.

    1. Hahaha. Yeah, she isn’t all that cute. I like the long skirts on occasion to be honest though. Blonde girl was a bit annoying, but she should have a smaller and smaller role as the story progresses.

      1. After watching episode 2 I’d like to retract my remark the Yuuko’s skirt. She looks quite cool wearing this uniform. It also seems to me that the show’s creators deliberately chose a long skirt in order to make the not too rare scenes where Yuuko shows some leg even more enjoyable.

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