elDLIVE Review — B-

A boy joins the space police.

This is basically a kid’s show, but I really enjoyed it. It has an earnestness to it that many shows lack. It’s all entirely predictable, but the show presents things with such gusto and straightforwardness that it’s enjoyable, even if you’ve seen similar things a hundred times before.

I especially liked the main ship, since the girl acts like she hates his guts. Always liked those kind of ships…

Also, what is it with all the sexualization in Japanese children’s anime? In America shows with scenes like these would probably be rated R:

Not that I mind, obviously. It’s just strange when I think about who the intended audience for this show is.

  • Storytelling – B – Straightforward but entertaining.
  • Voice – B – I like the idea of the space police, and how innocent everybody is.
  • Characters – B – One of the show’s stronger points. MC was somewhat bland.
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept my interest throughout.
  • Production – C – Looks ok.
  • Overall – B-

Recommendations – Gintama

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