Fall 2013 — First Impressions

As usual, here’s my rankings of the season’s new shows based on the first episode or so. You can click the links for details, so I’ll keep the discussion of each short. We’ll see how well this matches my ending thoughts.

Ongoing Series: Hunter X Hunter, Monogatari Second Series, Space Bros

Shorts: Don’t know, don’t care.

Dropped Before First Episode:

Freezing. Season 2. And bad porn.
Hajime no Ippo.
Season 4.
Kuroko no Basuke S2. I’m not fabulous enough.
Little Busters ~Refrain~. First season was crap.
. Watched the first season. Really bored by the end.
Phi Brain. I’m not British.

Watched New Series

30. Diabolik Lovers
This was disgusting.

29. Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai
It’s idea of fanservice is shoving the camera constantly into everyone’s crotch.

28. BlazBlue: Alter Memory
No idea what happened, but it seems dumb.

27. Yuushibu
Not funny at all, just kind of sad.

26. Unbreakable Machine Doll
A doll tries to seduce her master. No thanks.

25. Meganebu
Just not all that funny.

24. Ace of Diamond
Baseball is a stupid sport.

23. Non Non Biyori
Watch cute girls be bored.

22. Kyousougiga

21. Coppelion
Also nonsense.

20. Gundam Build Fighters
Toys are serious business.

19. Strike the Blood
More Shana than Shana.

18. Infinite Stratos 2
This show is crap but I have to admit I like the new character.

17. Tokyo Ravens

16. Walkure Romanze

15. Yowamushi Pedal
Pretty good start for a sports show.

14. Gingitsune
Touching first episode, but not sure if I’m patient enough for it.

13. Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta
Decent start, but I feel like I’ve seen this all several times before.

12. Outbreak Company
Found the second episode a step down from the first.

11. Golden Time
Found the second episode a step up from the first.

whtie_album_2_02_2 whtie_album_2_02_1

10. White Album 2
Good drama and romance.

log_horizon_01_2 log_horizon_01_1

9. Log Horizon
Like SAO except the characters aren’t all assholes.

samurai_flamenco_01_1 samurai_flamenco_01_2

8. Samurai Flamenco
Slightly disappointed in the start, but seems like it could get itneresting.

kyoukai_no_konata_01_4 kyoukai_no_konata_01_2

7. Kyoukai no Konata
So pretty.

noukome_01_1 noukome_01_2

6. NouKome
I thought it was really funny.

nagi_no_asukara_01_2 nagi_no_asukara_01_1

5. Nagi no Asukara
Hope this turns into a giant dramafest.

arpeggio_of_blue_steel_01_2 arpeggio_of_blue_steel_01_1

4. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio- Ars Nova
I seem to be the only one who thought this looked quite nice.

galilei_donna_01_1 galilei_donna_01_3

3. Galilei Donna
Wacky and flamboyant.

kill_la_kill_01_1 kill_la_kill_01_2

2. Kill la Kill
Even more wacky and flamboyant.

valvrave_13_6 valvrave_13_3


What do you think of this season’s shows? Feel free to share in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Fall 2013 — First Impressions

  1. Oh, great. Please write about Ars Nova regardless of poll result. It think it’s pretty good too. Probably because I like watching vehicles battles, just like Girls und Panzer. Battleships shooting each other down? I am in! I am not going to touch Gundam, though. Also all those sport anime, I didn’t even watch their premiere episode.
    Also my masochist side told me to watch Log Horizon as well. I probably can bash it a lot considering it’s written by the same brain dead fool who wrote Maouyuu Maou Yuusha. But the faults of MMY anime partly came from the anime studio.

    1. I think I might to Ars Nova, it is conveniently timed. And everyone else seems to hate it. Personally I thought the animation looked great… must be crazy.

      1. I am definitely not part of that everyone. To me, I see potential battleship harem, where disputes of jealousy are fought not with punches, kicks, swords, magic and small arms, but shells, missles, torpedoes– and mega death rays of doom. Yamato-lite. Mom, I’m bringing a fleet over for dinner. I promise they won’t blast kyoto to oblivion while they’re here.

        1. Excellent! Welcome to the club of people with good taste.

          Battleship harem would be awesome. Can’t wait for them to all fight over the main character…

  2. My #1 would be Yozakura Quartet for the visuals, the fanservice and the general, positive atmosphere. I agree that the characters felt somewhat distant in the OVA’s and perhaps this will continue in the TV show. But after ep. 1 it looks very promising to me.
    Coppelion would perhaps be my #2. Such a setting always gets a lot of credit in my book and I don’t mind that the main characters are girls. Perhaps it will become another Shin Sekai Yori? You might be missing out on something here!
    I will also watch Magi Season 2. I can’t quite understand why you despise it so much. You like political scheming, no? This series promises lots of it, it will probably two cour and have enough time to develop and there will be several parallel plot lines (Sindbad, Aladdin, Morgiana all going in different directions). Why not give it a second chance?

    1. I don’t despise Magi. The problem is that I liked the initial episodes too much and so I went and read the manga in its entirety. Now, since I already know everything that happens, the show is much less interesting for me. Reading the manga was a big mistake…

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