First Impression – Yumekui Merry

I was expecting this show to be boring and uninspired and I have to say that it fully lived up to my expectations. Boy has a nightmare (this was the best part of the show, I briefly held out hope that we would get some steampunk), goes to school, talking with his childhood friend on the way. When he goes home a magical girl falls on him from the sky. What a surprise. Then he is cornered by a monster from his dream and said magical girl rescues him. They have a fist fight (which is slow and boring) and then return to the real world. The girl cries because she wants to return to the world of nightmares. What tragedy!

But seriously, do the creators of this have any imagination? They are fighting in a dream that the cat boss created for goodness sake. Why are they having a fist fight? This needs magic and explosions! One of the cats had a cannon but was standing next to the boy, and even as useless as he is he can beat up a cat. And the main girl is named Merry Nightmare. Seriously? Couldn’t you use a random name generator, or at least name her Mary so we can pretend it was a bad pun?

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