Free! Review — D-


High school boys go swimming and develop wholesome friendships.

Initially I thought this show was pretty funny, since it was basically K-On except with guys. I thought it was a parody it was so stupid. So I was laughing pretty hard at some of the things these guys did.


But by episode three the novelty had worn off. It was basically not a parody, but actually like K-On, as in, really, really, boring. To make matters worse, they showed us men’s butts all the time instead of a cute girl like in K-On to attract the viewer’s eye. (The cute girl being Ton, of course).

Unlike K-On I was at least able to finish this since it was only thirteen episodes. But it’s not an experience I would recommend. Maybe just see the first episode.

  • Storytelling – D – Cute boys run around half naked and act insufferably nice to each other.
  • Voice – D – Just not interesting.
  • Characters – D – Rei and the single girl are fairly amusing. Especially the girl’s fantasies.
  • Attention Grab – F – Boring.
  • Production – A – It does look pretty. Not that it helped.
  • Overall – D-

Recommendations – If you want something to help you fall asleep I suggest Aria.

10 thoughts on “Free! Review — D-

  1. I trolled by rating it as 10/10 in the past. At the same time, I also hope it will really be interesting. But I was betrayed. It’s simply not interesting. Most of KyoAni’s anime suffered from the same problem. Visual : Great. Interesting : NO. I may finish this anime if I have some spare time in the coming days. To see if it’s really worth F for attention grab.

    1. I don’t know, I think many of their anime are interesting. Hyouka, Nichijou and Disappearance were definitely interesting. Chuunibyou, Tamako Market and Haruhi were mildly interesting. K-On, Clannad and Free definitely fall into the boring category however.

    1. I only recommended it for people who like Free. I doubt anyone who likes Free would fall in that 10% (which includes me) who fall into a coma from Aria.

  2. “To make matters worse, they showed us men’s butts all the time instead of a cute girl like in K-On to attract the viewer’s eye.” A dude’s butt catches MY attention way more than a cute girl does, I’m thinking you probably weren’t the target audience, haha.

    Free! was basically pure fanservice, and it was definitely good for that as far as I’m concerned. It was nice for girls who like guys to have a show like this, I think.

  3. Just let the girls enjoy their butts. Unlike the 10000+++ boobie vag000 ecchi animes out there, there is only 1 anime with guys’ butts. Not to say that it’s good, but condemning it for just having guy butts isn’t very nice.

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