Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun — First Impressions


A boy turns out to be the chosen one to grope lots of women and pilot giant mechas with the power of erections.


With that said… it’s actually not bad! It has some decent action sequences, and mecha! A great season for Classy.

4 thoughts on “Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun — First Impressions

  1. Haven’t seen this one yet, but I do like the visual design.

    Speaking of ero power, did you watch the 2nd episode of Daimidaler? We watched it in classy and oh god is it classy (hilarious as well).

    1. I watched it last night! Yes, it’s pretty darn good! I like how the awesome website showed up in the show too lol. Although Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun could also have been a decent Classy show.

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