Garo Crimson Moon Review — F


A knight fights monsters. This time with a Japanese feel.

This anime is shit. Biggest disappointment in the past year, considering that the first Garo anime was actually quite good. But this one has pretty much nothing going for it. It all feels so wooden. The characters don’t have any personality. Especially the main character and his assistant.

Basically everything the original did right, this show did the opposite. I don’t know what they were thinking.

I was so bored and cared so little I couldn’t even finish this. I watched the first thirteen episodes, then realized it was a complete waste of time so I just fast forwarded through the rest. I have no regrets whatsoever.

  • Storytelling – F – Couldn’t make me give a crap.
  • Voice – F – Distinctively soulless.
  • Characters – F – Zzzzz.
  • Attention Grab – F – Zzzzz.
  • Production – C – Meh.
  • Overall – F

Recommendations – Garo

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