Gingitsune — First Impressions


A fox spirit lives in a shrine and does helpful things.

This is a very peaceful, happy show, probably intended more for kids. But so far it’s off to a good start.


What it has which other similar shows often lack is a conflict (at least in the first episode). Although the main character is a cheerful person who tries to make everyone happy, she manages to get in a fight with both a girl in her class and the fox spirit at the shrine. A show can’t thrive on smiles alone. The conflict and reconciliation were actually quite well done.

Still, it is for kids, so I doubt I’ll keep watching.

4 thoughts on “Gingitsune — First Impressions

    1. Really? Hm, maybe it could be. I’m always bad at labeling genres. Usually if the protagonists are kids I just assume it’s for kids, but that’s not necessarily a good assumption.

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