Golden Time — First Impressions


I would check Golden Time off for being like any other harem, except for one key fact: the main girl is already interested in a different boy. Usually in these sorts of harem stories, all of the girls are pure and innocent and have never even seen another male before. This relationship could be different than usual.


Still, we do have more seemingly-standard additional haremettes, like a loli (in college…) and an older sister type. This one’s not going to be my favorite show of the season, but it has the potential to be decent.


8 thoughts on “Golden Time — First Impressions

  1. I didn’t get any harem vibes from this personally. The main woman is still attached to the friend character, as you noted. The small woman (you’re stretching the loli term IMO) was just helping pick up the papers; nothing in that scene but an introduction. And the festival club woman was just being friendly too; the lead character did find her attractive, but that doesn’t seem like such an unusual reaction.
    It’s just a romcom, and it’s obvious the two main characters will end up together like in any romcom. There will hopefully be interesting subplots with all the side characters too though. Overall I found it a pretty cute and amusing first episode.

    1. I don’t think this was classified as a harem. At most is a romance, and Seinen to boot. Hope this show will continue my Working!! and Servant x Service enjoyments.

    2. I don’t know, if it has more than two people in love with the same guy at once I’d consider it a harem. Perhaps romance is a better description for this though, I have no doubt he’s going to focus his interest on the one girl. Pretty sure the other two are going to make a go at some point though.

  2. How come nobody pointed out that the loli is possibly a teacher? I was curious because she dressed differently from all other students. She could be another Komoe-chan.

    1. She kind of looked like it now that you mentioned it. Saw the second episode and it turns out she wasn’t though.

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