Grand Blue Review — D-

An anime about diving.

What a complete disaster. I was so excited by this and then utterly disappointed.

Let me say first of all that the manga is amazing. It has an impeccable sense of humor. I think it made me laugh harder than anything since the first time I watched Detroit Metal City.

The anime… was not funny. And it isn’t the material that’s the problem. It’s the delivery. The voice acting is soulless. The animation is atrocious. The manga feels more animated and seems like it has more motion in it than the anime does. They pretty much just take the manga pales, add some minimal motion, and color them. It doesn’t work at all.

*sigh* Just read the manga and don’t bother with this…

  • Storytelling – F – Fails.
  • Voice – F – Dead and lifeless.
  • Characters – B – They didn’t deserve this.
  • Attention Grab – D – How did they make Grand Blue boring?
  • Production – F – Awful.
  • Overall – D-

Recommendations – Detroit Metal City, Prison School

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