Guilty Crown 11 — Hark! Crystal Inori Sings

Since pointing out Guilty Crown’s obvious flaws every week was becoming a chore, and it’s almost Christmas…

Hark! Crystal Inori sings
“Glory to Shuu the void king!

Groping hands and makeouts wild
Shuu and classmates reconciled!”

Joyful, Dan, behold him rise
laced with crystal to his eyes.

With dying breath, himself he hurls
“Get your hands off of that girl!”
Hark! Crystal Inori sings
“Glory to Shuu the void king!”

Shuu by every girl adored
Shuu the most obnoxious Lord!
Late in time behold him come
To save a girl but not his mum.

Veiled in crystal Shuu didst see
Inori his deity.
Pleased, man with woman did dwell
Shuu may you go rot in hell!
Hark! Crystal Inori sings
“Glory to Shuu the void king!”

Hail the boy who does depress!
Hail to his self-righteousness!

Gloom and death to all he brings!
Ris’n with health on Hare’s wings.
Mild he lays his glory by
To with his Inori lie.

Then from the dark a hand did wind!

And take Inori from behind.
Hark! Crystal Inori sings
“Glory to Shuu the void king!”

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10 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 11 — Hark! Crystal Inori Sings

  1. Best ever! I am laughing so hard <3 Mission accomplished -bow-

    This was a decent episode this week and a few OMG WTF THEY ALMOST DIED moments like everyone surviving the bridge jump and getting totally smacked around by Daryl. I was shocked no one died in that hummer, but at least the others know about OH MA SHOES big secret of voids.

    That guy at the end ripping out Inori's void I swear it looks like a evil version of Shu or is it just me being insane?? Either way damn that was a good scene, but Rip Gai? Or will he magically survive this time? I can see the rage now if he survives or dies…damn the choices.

    Inori singing was great! I loved how her void was flying around her very cool.

    1. Glad you liked it!

      They definitely should have died in that Hummer. I liked the part where they’re trapped under the rubble and it looks like they’re about to lose consciousness, and Shuu leaves them behind to save Inori. It fits him perfectly.

      Hm, he didn’t look all that much like Shuu to me… I’m not sure though, we didn’t get too clear of a view. He definitely seems evil. Not to imply that Shuu himself is good, of course. Evil guy probably wants to use her for world domination, while Shuu just wants to get into her pants. Can’t really say one is more evil than the other.

        1. The final result is much worse with the bad guy, but Shuu’s intentions aren’t much better. I’m sure he has a good reason for wanting to destroy the world, after all (unless this show is even dumber than I imagined).

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